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Anyone here watch warm bodies?

Asked by XOIIO (18118points) June 24th, 2014

This is a sci fi flick that passed under my radar, gave it a chance since I am going through a list of the sci fi movies released in 2013, and I have to say it’s actually a pretty damn awesome movie, I would heartily recommend it to anyone who likes zombie flicks, I’m amazed how much I enjoyed it.

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I liked it.

You might also want to check out the British zombie series called In The Flesh. It is great.

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@johnpowell Definitely going to check that out.

Another reason I loved it is the explanation as to why zombies like brains, it’s a pretty nifty theory on that subject. (of course, a theory on something fictional lol.)

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I should add that why I liked the show so much is that you root for the zombies and hate the living.

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@johnpowell Yeah, it’s like the anime shiki, it’s about vampires, but a similar thing, you really hate the humans in that series.

Man, so many anime’s I need to re-watch

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Have never watched it, but have seen the trailer. I like the idea of a zombie falling in love with a living woman.

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Is that a porno?

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@AshLeigh I’m sure you could find zombie porn somewhere out there…

I bet the acting would be hilariously bad.

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Seriously though, I saw Warm Bodies in theaters, and loved it. One of the best movies that have come out in a while.
My favorite part is ”Say something human. ‘How are you?’ Nailed it.

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I loved the “holy shit” part when they were in that house, it was hilarious lol

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“Don’t pick at it. You’re making it worse.” Killed me.

And “Bitches.”

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@AshLeigh Oh man yeah, that was perfect lol.

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i haven’t watch it yet is it good? any verdict? :)

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@maybellekim It’s about a city invaded by zombies. One zombie one day falls in love with a living woman and tries to fit in with her as well as protect her from his own kind. Well, at least that’s what the trailer says.

You can go watch it if you like the theme.

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Zombie movies are at the bottom of the list of movies I am willing to subject myself to.
Below even Michael Bay movies.

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I’ve never seen it. Though, my sister posted the same reaction to it on Facebook.

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@maybellekim Love it myself, @Mimishu1995 sums it up well, if that sounds interesting watch it. Even if it doesn’t (never been into romantic comedies) give it a try, it’s pretty awesome.

@ragingloli We need Michael bay to make a zombie movie, then strap you in a chair and force you to watch it XD

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@XOIIO Reminds me of this.

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I liked it even though I’m not into zombie movies. It was pretty funny. I probably wouldn’t buy it, or watch it multiple times, but I enjoyed watching it once. The bloopers were sort of my favorite part, though.

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It was funny. Though I prefer my zombie movies in the “serious” vein of Night of the Living Dead. : )

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I was pleasantly surprised, too. I am quite fond of it.

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Here I thought you were asking about when I was sitting by the hotel pool yesterday and watching the bikini-clad women. I enjoyed watching those warm bodies.

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It’s a clever and entertaining movie, with a nice balance of humor and drama. But, I’m a huge fan of zombie-dom, so I was predisposed to enjoy the film.

“Shaun of the Dead” was fabulous!

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@flip86 Pretty much what I as thinking lol.

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