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How much watering does my San Diego lawn need?

Asked by nmguy (528points) June 25th, 2014

I recently moved to the San Diego, CA, area and need to set up a sprinkler system schedule for my front and back yards. For how many minutes and for how many days should I set the timer?

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You may want to start by checking with your town’s regulations due to the ongoing drought California and the Southwest has been dealing with. Whenever we have a drought her in the Midatlantic states, they limit how often we can use water for watering the lawn or washing cars, etc.

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I lived in SD for a long time and if you are actually IN San Diego, near the beach or slightly inland, Claremont area, etc. you should probably be able to water 3x a week, maybe Mon. Weds. Fri./Sat. for about 10–15 minutes a section. General rule, if the temps. are 90 or below ( which 90 is pushing it for SD ) the 3x per week should be fine. Anthing over 90 you may need to ramp it up a bit.
Yes to what @hearkat said. Since CA. is in a drought, check with your city/neighbors for any watering restrictions.

I am up here in NorCal and it gets pretty hot, we are on a 3 day a week watering schedule based on odd/even address.

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@Coloma – how many minutes a day? My lawn needs 15 min, but maybe because I have only one head going?

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@ RocektGuy
I’d say 15–20 depending on the temps. Under 90 15, over 90, 20. Heh..the irony, it is 11 P.M. here and I am frantically watering after being out of town all day. Jesus..I am so tired, but the grass must stay green. lol

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I know! We converted our front lawn to “drought-tolerant” so that I wouldn’t be paying to keep up a green lawn for neighborhood dogs to pee on.

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