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What would your pre-historic cave dwelling look like?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) June 25th, 2014

Just a fun question. If you existed as a caveman or woman, how would your cave interior and exterior look like-? What sort of ancient stuff could we possibly see-?

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As alpha male i’d claim my birthright & decorate the place with hot & cold running caveladies, the finest of the herd obviously.
Oh & a doorbell that plays a Barry White voice saying something like “come right on in baby”

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Paintings on the walls of course. I’m an artist so I’d be the village’s professional cave-painter.

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It’d be small but cozy. A bed, a lamp, and a piano made from actual ebony and ivory.

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A lot like a Hobbit’s hole in the ground.

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Pretty caveish I imagine.

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Very like the Flintstone home in Bedrock.

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In my cave you’d find traces of the first pillow ever made. It would be made from leaves and soft animal pelt. And I’d probably just have a bunch of crude drawings on the walls.

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It would have one of those flat floors seen only in movie caves.

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A big cave-like refrigerator!

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My cave would have a big fire in the middle. And I mean big! And a ton of animal hides, and lots of spears. Caves are dark, damp and cold, and they attract critters.

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Like the Flintstones!

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I would like to live in Rock Vegas.

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Or Stone Francisco

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You’d see a long, narrow space hollowed out of the floor. That’s the fire pit. Maximizes air flow and heat for cooking.

Near that you’ll see my drop spindle and backstrap loom. Gotta have some way to turn all that animal fur into comfy blankets. The other side of the fire will have a pile of brain-tanned hides covered with a spun wool blanket. That’s my bed.

That corner over there is where I carve flint and bone into weapons and ornaments. Don’t want that stuff too close to the real food. The food itself, if there are any leftovers, are put into a hole a little ways deeper into the cave where it’s cool, and covered with a heavy rock so other animals can’t smell it.

Oh, and that’s my dog. He kept sniffing around my rubbish tip and since he scares off the other dogs, wolves, and such, he can stay.

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First of all the walls and ceiling are grayish and are made of stone. It would be located in a hollow in the earth, opening more or less horizontally into a hill or mountain. It’s also a bit dark.

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Of course I’d have a really big granite slab counter top for prepping food.

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A mess like my room now.

LOL okay so i’d have a pretty huge cave but not too big. Thered be drawings ALL over the walls. The food would go in a pile next to the fire but not too close. Then, hanging on the opposite side would be skins and such. Pile of rocks for decoration. Far right corner is bathroom. Bed is everywhere else except bathroom

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It’s messy, because it’s full of booby traps, from covered holes to ropes which activate flying knives once you step on them. My room is my headquarter, full of up-to-date weapons like spike sticks or bows (well, bows weren’t so common in pre-historic era), and I wear a mark when I greet strangers.

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Tree paintings, bedding of moss a nook chair out of tree roots.

Sunlights peeking between roots except over the bed.

Carvings poles and other tools made out of wood a shelf built out if bed rock. Pottery on the shelf.

Fire pit near the center benches made out of logs and rocks.

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