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Did you ever question your sexuality?

Asked by fuglyduckling (412points) June 26th, 2014

When and how?

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From the time I was a little girl my father would point out what beautiful women looked like to me. In movies, or the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, for example. So for as long as I can remember I’ve been checking women out. I admire beautiful women and a great body. But who doesn’t?
I’ve never felt anything romantic towards a girl. That said, I have made out with a few and it was fun.
The difference is in the heart. I have never felt any of the butterflies or attractions that I have felt for guys I’ve had crushes on. I have never questioned my sexuality. I do not want a relationship with a woman.
I consider myself straight despite the occasional sexual attraction.

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A boy tackled me when playing rugby at school & we ended up in what can loosely be described as a muddy hug rolling around the pitch.
It felt strangely comforting for a brief moment, until I came to my senses & kneed him in the nuts, stopped me from scoring so he did.

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@ucme LOL, that’s an awesome story.

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No, I always knew I was omnisexual.

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Sometimes I forget my true gender.

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Yes, around 7th grade I went through a bi-curious stage but decided it wasn’t me. It was a good experience though and I’m glad I (for lack of a better term) experimented early in my life.

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Not really. I’ve never cared much. If I like someone, I like them.

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Others, yes. Mine, not so much.

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No. I know a beautiful woman when I see one, but I could never be in a relationship with a female. I barely get along with women as it is; I’d never want to live with one. Men are much simpler creatures – and, to me, the male form is much sexier.

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I did, but it refused to tell me where it was the night of the twenty-fifth.

Serious answer: I have not, but I have found certain men attractive.

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I question whether others notice I still have some.

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Therefore never.

Being unafraid to question it = being completely secure in it.

My sexuality? Complicated but worth it.

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Nah, only questioned why I was getting much. Guys hold no interest for me. Most of us are gross. Women drive me totally nuts.

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Why I wasn’t getting much. Freudian slip?

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I don’t think “question” is the right word.

I’m not driven much by sexuality. In fact I rarely even think about it. I’ve been in love twice in my life: once with a dear friend who turned out gay (alas), and with my husband. But just because I haven’t fallen for a female doesn’t mean it can’t happen. It just means it hasn’t happened yet.

Does that make sense?

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When I was young I engaged in sexual activities with boys, but I never had romantic feelings toward males. Sexual acts are for pleasure. The gender did not matter when I was having sex. In this sense, I see myself as bisexual. However having a desire for intimacy that goes beyond the pleasure of sharing a sexual experience, I knew that I was fully heterosexual by the time I graduated from high school.

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No. I admire women’s looks and bodies, and have been envious of women’s bodies. I have been and still can be envious of small hips and thin legs. I was always what’s called “pear shaped” and I’ve wished I could wear clothes that women with narrow hips and thin legs could wear, like designer rjeans in the 80’s and sun dresses now. However, I never wanted to do anything sexual with a woman. The thought of that is something I can’t imagine as being something I’d get any thrill from.

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No, but friends and family have often questioned my sexuality, which is quite amusing to me.

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I feel the same as @livelaughlove21. I usually have more in common with men and I get along better with them. I can appreciate a beautiful woman, but I’m attracted to men.

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My first sexual awakening, at camp (all-girls) when I was 13, directed themselves towards a young female counselor. The feelings were inchoate and confusing and I was embarrassed to discuss it with any of my friends. The councelllor allowed me to sit on the floor and lean against her knees during after-breakfast singalong. What a thrill.

When I returned home and started ninth grade, everything shifted to boys and has been that way ever since.

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edit. Counselor…misspelled in second example above.

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Not that I can recall.

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Yes. From the age of about 12 years old until my mid-late teens I was sure I was gay (although, it was only after reading Dusty Springfield’s biography that I accepted it). I have always been more attracted to women than men and had a sexual relationship with a female. When I was about 18 years old I started to feel attracted to men as well and, have since only had relationships with men but am still very much attracted to women. I consider myself bisexual.

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I never questioned it because all of my ladies were so extremely pleased when we were through (and in the middle) that I just knew I had incredible sexuality.

sex with boys….hahaha, that’s rich!

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Nope, always leaned far hetero. Degree of handsomeness does not register with me. I can’t distinguish between average and (apparently) handsome guys.

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Yes. I dated men through my early teenage years out of a sense of obligation. I came out as bisexual when I was fourteen, but as soon as I started dating girls I lost all interest in even pretending to pursue men. I came out as gay when I was, maybe, seventeen?

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@RocketGuy I just can’t believe that. I’m not sexually attracted to women, but I’m more than able to identify an attractive woman. My husband, who’s as straight as they come, can also easily tell if a guy is attractive. He’ll be telling me about some guy at work and I’ll jokingly ask if the guy is hot. Josh will shrug and say, “he’s alright.” Not wanting to screw someone doesn’t erase your ability to see. Do you know how attractive you are? Have you never seen a guy’s body and wished yours looked like that?

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For me it’s like my lab manger’s color blindness – he can only see vivid red and green. Everything else looks brown. I can detect ugly (0) vs smoking hot (10) dudes, but I can’t tell between 3 vs 7. They register as “all right”.

I see myself as “all right” but my previous girlfriends have ranked me much higher. Ego boost.

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I have only been attracted to chicks thus far. Never questioned it, never needed to.

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Edit: Wrong question

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All through high school I would see-saw between thinking I was gay and then straight and then gay again. I would have crushes on both girls and guys. Eventually, by about the age of 18, I settled on bisexual and I’ve been happy with that ever since.

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of course no I’m a full pledge girl. :)

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@maybellekim What is a “full pledge girl”?

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@Seek ^^^ someone who likes cleaning and dusting just enough to fall into the kinky category

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Yes, for all of 2 seconds. I remember first finding out what it meant to be homosexual as a child. The first question that came to mind was, “I wonder if I am?”, but then I immediately realised that the thought of being intimate with another man was completely at odds with my desires. I haven’t considered the question since.

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Eh, no. I was horny as a goat since well before i hit puberty and I always wanted girls, never really looked for males.

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All the time. I can’t decide whether I’m straight or bi. I find girls really attractive and all which makes me think I’m bi, but I’d rather date a guy… which makes me think I’m straight. I don’t know.

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@Misspegasister28 You can be bi and still prefer one gender over the other. It’s more of a spectrum. It doesn’t have to be 50/50.

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@Misspegasister28 @anniereborn Also, sexual attraction and dating don’t necessarily go hand in hand, you could want to have sex with people you don’t want to date, regardless of gender. There’s plenty of very sexy women i would never date because they look like they’d be the most high maintenance partner on earth, doesn’t mean i don’t find them attractive.

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Related to the three comments above, you can separate romantic attraction from sexual attraction. It’s possible to be homosexual and heteroromantic (wanting a long term romantic relationship with someone of the opposite gender but wanting sex with people of the same gender). And all of the other combinations too.

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@downtide @Thammuz @anniereborn That’s true. I guess I’d have sex with either gender as well. I’m just gonna call myself bi then!

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@Misspegasister28 One of my psychology lecturers in university said that women in general are sexually aroused by both sexes. I’m not sure of the exact study he was referring to, but it involved showing subjects hetero, gay, and lesbian porn. I have encountered some anecdotal evidence to suggest that is true also.

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@FireMadeFlesh Oh wow, that sounds like me hahaha. That’s cool though!

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Yeah, the Kinsey institute had reported something like that.

Apparently, according ot their findings, women tend to fall closer to the centre of the Kinsey scale (I.E. bisexuality) and that measurably completely bisexual individuals are almost solely women.

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