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Is it weird for a straight girl to hang out in a gay bar?

Asked by belladonna_rose (69points) June 26th, 2014

I don’t particularly think it’s odd but I would greatly enjoy hearing your opinions on the matter.

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I have the same feeling as you. As long as she’s having fun and causes no trouble then I’m fine.

It’s just some people in the bar find it odd.

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No. Have fun!

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Many women feel comfortable in a gay bar because the guys aren’t going to be hitting on them. Lots of women have gay men friends for that reason and because since they aren’t women they aren’t competition in the straight market.

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Not any weirder-er than a gay girl hanging out in a straight bar.

But I thought we had laws to prevent such things as straight, gay, black, white, jewish, nazi, or any other special types of bars. That’d be just like having a straight bakery, or a gay nursery school.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies There are no laws preventing a group of gay folks from going to the same bar.
That will effectively stop the straight folks from going to that bar and voila, Gay bar.

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Everything and anything can be weird if you let it. Embrace your weirdness. Enjoy the weirdness around you. Create some more for others to enjoy.

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Nope. Back in the day there was the impolite expression “fag tag” to describe girls who hung out with gay male friends. I never hear it used anymore.

Some gay bars have a lot of straight women in them; straight men and women. Some cities the gay clubs are the only places with decent dance music and a focus on the dance rather than the drunkenness. You used the word bar, so I don’t know if you mean dance club, or a bar without dancing. When I lived in the Midwest they used bar for all of it, but where I am from in the DC area we usually called a bar a drinking only place, and a club a dancing and drinking place.

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Depends what she’s there for. If she just likes the place and the people why not go there?

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My sister and her friends have a ladies night at a gay bar a few times a month. They like to dance and there is a lot more dancing in a gay bar and the music is way better. And like others said they don’t get constantly hit on by drunk assholes.

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Typo: not fag tag, it is supposed to be fag hag.

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Not at all.

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Back when I went out clubbing, I went to tons of gay bars. Back in the day, there were two names for girls who went there, The older or less attractive women were called fag hags and the young pretty girls were called fruit flies.

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In the ‘70’s, my friends and I always hung out in gay dance clubs. It was a blast. I don’t know why we started, I think we went with some gay friends, but we liked the atmosphere better than the straight clubs. No one bothered us, everyone was very friendly, and we didn’t have that “piece of meat” feeling that we got in straight clubs. I did have girls hit on me once in a while, but when they found out I was straight, they were very nice about it, and I found it kind of flattering in a way.

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I was overseas at the time, so I never heard any of those derogatory names. We always felt welcome at the clubs and everyone was nice to us.

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Sure, go where you enjoy yourself. No matter what the “type” of bar, if you are uncomfortable or feel unwelcome, go somewhere else.

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No. Why would it be?

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Not at all, my wife did it all the time. It was the only way she could go out and have a good time dancing without drunk frat boys constantly hitting on her. We did not meet at a dance club B.T.W.

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