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Where can I get bed sheets that are high quality, not super expensive, AND in bright vibrant colors?

Asked by marmoset (1311points) June 26th, 2014

It seems like the higher-quality the sheets, the more subdued the colors. Maybe it’s assumed that only kids or students want really vibrant colors. I want solid yellows or oranges that really pop (not pastels) in high quality, for a double/full bed. I’m thinking around $40—$60 for a set (flexible). I’d love to find both bedsheets and a duvet cover. Do you know what websites I should look at?

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Check out The Company Store; they’re having a sale on jersey bedding which come in eye-popping colors.

Also on sale are 210 thread count percale bedding in various colors, some of which look bright. HereRecommendation-Reco1&src=CERTONA1

Also the solid Fiesta percales from Garnet Hill.

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Off-line try Tuesday Morning or TJ MAXX if they are in your area. The stock in these after market discount store are drying up as America becomes more frugal. So us bargain shoppers have less trickle down benefits :...(

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Try Macy’s when there is a sale.

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I bought some bright orange ones once from Tommy Hilfiger. Not sure if he’s still in the bed linen business.

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White sales are typically in January and July, so if you can wait a week you may get good sales.

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@marmoset Thanks for asking. I’ve been looking for the same.

@gailcalled Great options. Thanks!

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Thank you everybody! I’m still looking for sets in my price range but I really appreciate seeing these exist!!

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