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Is it true that high school girls will not wear the same clothes again if they've posted pictures on FB while wearing them?

Asked by LuckyGuy (34600points) June 26th, 2014

Seriously. A mother I know told me this. She said her daughter and her friends do not consider it fashionable to have pictures on FB showing them wearing the same clothes twice! WTH?!?!
Are they more stylish than Kate Middleton, DOC?! Do they think they’re Lady Gaga who needs to wear something different to keep her career moving?
Please tell me this is an aberration at our local high school and is not “a thing.”

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Who do those chicks think they are, Betty and Veronica?

Don’t know what teens are doing these days. No idea. But if that was me back as a teen and we had FB, I wouldn’t have had a choice, as I didn’t have ten million different outfits. Maybe it’s some FB culture thing we don’t know about.

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Wow. I’ve not heard of this in the Midwest.

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I wonder if the mother heard her daughter correctly. Some parents seem to have an overwhelming tendency to misconstrue what their teenaged children say. In any case, my younger sister says she has never known anybody to have this concern.

And for the record, please note that I said “some” parents. I’m basing this on a few experiences with my own mother—though she was pretty good about it overall—and a whole lot of other experiences that friends had with their parents (both mothers and fathers).

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I’m hoping this is just a small circle of insecure girls. Do they think boys notice? They don’t.

@SavoirFaire No misunderstanding. There was plenty of “heated” discussion.

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@LuckyGuy Ah, one of those conversations. Well, at least I’ve got over a decade to prepare for them.

And as for the boys noticing, that’s probably not the only concern these girls have. Not everything that girls do concerning their looks is about attracting boys, after all, even if we ignore those who aren’t into boys. Some are trying to impress other girls, and some just want to feel good about themselves.

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My sister has 13 year old twin girls and I just called and asked her.

She had never heard of such a thing. But her kids don’t really do Facebook since “mom can see our shit”.

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We need to start a reverse trend. Something that shows wearing the same clothes is a good thing. It means:
You are comfortable in them
You know how to make good fashion choices
You are confident in yourself.
You are not a slave to fashion.
(Can you jellies think of others?)

Boys should learn that girls who wear the same cloths are more desirable than the ones who need something new all the time. The former are less likely to be in financial difficulty in later years.

If it is good enough for Kate, it should be good enough for these losers.
Let’s hope this is a passing fad.

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I highly doubt that is a thing anywhere but this particular girl’s mind.

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@LuckyGuy My daughter has worn the same outfit the past three nights. It’s a softball uniform. :)

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I’ve never heard this before. That’s ridiculous.

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You are restoring my faith in womankind! Thanks!

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These girls must be either wealthy or very good at shoplifting.

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Neither wealthy nor shoplifting. Just stupid parents.

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I wonder what they planned to do with these clothes that they were no longer ever going to wear again?

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They bring them to Plato’s Closet , a consignment shop.

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If only they’d adopt the same policy with those fucking moronic expressions they wear.

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This sounds like an urban legend. Like, hahaha, kids today! So spoiled and shallow, amirite?

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I never heard of this. If a girl has a favorite outfit, it makes no sense to post the photo and then never wear it again. Not that I expect teenage girls to make sense.

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Re: starting a new trend

There’s a flickr group called wardrobe remix where people share how they remix the old pieces in their wardrobes.

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Gosh…. Is it bad that i still wear the shirt I bought in Thailand 30 years ago?

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@LuckyGuy No. I’m sure some hipster would pay lots of money for your legitimately worn shirt. :P

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It comes compete with a little of my DNA. Does that increase, or reduce, the price?

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