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Have you ever been totally opposite of the general public?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (12942points) June 26th, 2014

What I am trying to say, have you ever liked or disliked something, that the general public felt the complete opposite on?

Like a movie, you loved it, but the critics and public hated it, or the other way around?

How about Facebook, most just love it, I can’t stand it.

Now what about texting, where I see it has a place, but for most it’s an addiction, I just don’t get it having a full blown conversation texting.

Is there anything that you like or dislike that the general public feels the complete opposite on?

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I don’t think there really is a “general public” – it just feels that way sometimes.

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@janbb Oh should we just use (Most everyone)
would that be more politicly correct?

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I’m a woman who hates makeup. I only put lotion and lip balm on my face.

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I don’t get the texting addiction thing either.

Wearing shoes! :D I’d rather be barefoot but people give me strange looks so most of the time I have on flip flops.

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I like my car without the following: power steering; power windows; windshield wipers on the back window (or other places other than the windshield); spoiler; a brazier and air conditioning.

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I very much like brushing my teeth. I dislike the taste of most alcoholic beverages.

Made me think of my old thread.

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@longgone , and you think most everyone else doesn’t like brushing their teeth?
And alcohol is an acquired taste.

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I know of some people who, apparently, don’t like brushing their teeth.

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@SQUEEKY2 Do we need to argue about our answers now? I’d rather not. I didn’t realise there were rules about how to answer your threads.

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Oh heck yeah I have been opposite the general public most of my life. You see the general public is like a flock of sheep kowtowing to whomever happens to hold the reins of power. They are pretty much cowardly sycophants. These are the kind of people who think they aren’t born with any rights other than what society grants them.
I say we are born with nothing but rights and society takes them from us and makes us beg for them.
Luckily, in America we can fight for our rights in a court of law and if you are clever enough (or your lawyer is clever) you can secure your inherent rights.
I’ve been doing this for over ten years now. Fighting for the right to sell my artwork on public lands w/out a permit.

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@ the only rules is that it should have some relation to the question, don’t you think?
You like brushing your teeth, so you think most do not? that would be opposite.
You say you dislike the taste of most alcohol drinks, so that means most everyone else does?

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@longgone What makes you think most people don’t like brushing their teeth?

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@Dutchess_III I’m glad you asked that.

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I don’t give enough of a shit about what people do/like to even tell if I’m even being opposite or not. My guess though, I belong to the same line of sheep as just about everyone.

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When I find myself in agreement with any large majority then I know that it’s time to re-examine my premises and my thought processes.

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I am a liberal living in Texas. This phenomena occurs to me quite frequently.

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I didn’t do the maths. It’s just a feeling. I doubt most people love Facebook.

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Yes, concerning some things, though I won’t mention them all here. I do feel that most of us feel we’re different in at least some way though. I’m also reasonably certain that many people hide what they truly desire from others a great deal too for a multitude of reasons.

I hated the movie Silence of the Lambs, simply because I’d never seen what was so great about it, and most of it was talking. On the other hand there are quite a few horror movies that didn’t get good ratings that I thought were great movies.

I hate Facebook myself, and I simply don’t see the appeal of always being aware of what others are doing, or whether they’re in relationship or not. I’m not fond of people knowing what I’m doing either, and since Facebook is pretty much used for these reasons I simply find no use for it. There are better ways in my opinion to keep in contact with others, so I don’t use any social networking websites.

I’m not big on cellular or smart phones either, and I only keep them on hand for emergencies and alternative contact reasons when I can’t be at my house phone. I’d rather talk than text, and it gets on my nerves that you can’t converse with others face to face anymore without their faces dug in their phones. OK, I get it, you want me to see that you’re an important person. The last place that I had worked at I started sitting by myself in an out-of-the-way break room, because people either had to gossip about others, or their faces were attached to their phones.

I’ll add one extra here. I’d rather be alone over changing myself or pretending just to have friends or relationships. I probably spend far more time alone than any other person on fluther.

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@Paradox25 except for my time with Mrs Squeeky, I love being alone I really like working alone.
Glad to see I am not the only person that can’t stand FB, and has no need for endless texting.

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I don’t have any problem being alone.
I like myself.
I don’t feel the need to post flowery, “It’s not you, it’s them” feel good posters on fb.

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I never got facebook either, until I was recovering from my illness. Had a lot of time on my hands. Then I kinda got hooked on it. I enjoy playing Words With Friends more than anything else.

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I just thought of another. I actually enjoy talking about the weather. It fascinates me.

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