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What are some good jobs for a middle-aged Canadian adult who only has high school and no drivers licence?

Asked by talljasperman (21818points) June 26th, 2014

I would like not to be limited to McDonalds, and grocery stores self stocker.

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You’re a good writer. You should pursue writing in some way shape or form. You could do that from home. Get yourself one of those books like The Writer’s Market for 2014 and 2015. I don’t know if they cover Canada, but they probably have a similar book that is specifically for the Canadian market.

I know we enjoy your writing, I bet someone else would too : )

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Well, it would have to be local. What is in your immediate vicinity or, at the most, within bus distance if you have public transport.

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Ideally you need to work somewhere that you can learn a trade you enjoy. You could start by describing what you like to do or are interested in. I know some folks making a killing at local farmers markets selling things like cookies, tamales and jewelry. If you can’t find gainful employment something like that is always an option.

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Elderly companionship and caregiving. : )

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I agree with @Kardamom. To me writing is the most suitable for you.

Maybe you can inject your thought/knowledge of time travel in your book? That’s an ideal place.

I would like to read your book when one actually come out ;)

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It’s very possible to have a great career without a college degree. You might have to take some bullshitty jobs to get the experience you need for an interesting job, and spend time teaching yourself new skills.

I know two guys who dropped out of college, taught themselves to write code, and did very well. They get to work from home all the time and earn like 2–3 times more than I do. I have NO CLUE how to do that, but with enough initiative, you can find free ways to teach yourself anything. (I’m learning French from library books and youtube.) Building websites and writing software are definitely things that most people need help with.

The key is to work on something that takes some degree of skill, and not everyone can do it. For instance, not everyone can use grammar properly, so you could probably earn money proofreading. I’ve heard that you can work from home doing transcription, too.

If you look for jobs around town, try to find something where there’s a degree of skill involved or opportunities to learn. Like, an entry-level job at a print shop would give you more chances to pick up valuable skills than an entry-level job at a Mcdonalds.

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Do you like creative stuff like making crafts? Can sell stuff like that on Etsy for good money

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You will find that the lack of a license will hurt you far more than having only the same education as a large percentage of the population. All the skills and knowledge in the world won’t land you a job if you can’t get to work.

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Do you live near good, inexpensive public transportation? That will help.

I also think you write very well and have a great sense of humor. Pursuing writing would be worth doing, although it usually takes some persistence. Our former site manager, Auggie, doesn’t even have her high school diploma (maybe she has a GED, I don’t remember for sure, I don’t think so) and she has a writing job now I believe. She had a blog and was the manager here and eventually an opportunity came along.

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I like @mazingerz88‘s idea of caregiver/companion to the elderly. You seem like you could use the companionship yourself, and it would get you out and about with low pressure.

Few people start with a high-paying dream job, but you have to start somewhere. If there is light manufacturing near you (like a food factory), apply there. I did it for 20 years and while I can’t say I enjoyed it, the job kept me out of debt and didn’t suck (all) my soul.

What do you think your strengths are? You seem very honest and reflective to me, but I can’t have any sense of your…typing ability, for instance.

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@ibstubro I’m good at small talk. Bad on cleaning.

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OH oh oh…I have it. Your perfect job.

You can learn what you need to know in books and all you have
to be is fairly easy going with the drunks patrons.

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Walmart greeter
Hotel desk clerk
Work at home reading books onto tape for sight impaired people.
dry cleaners
resort hotel janitorial
funpark – rides or tickets
night security at a museum ( I hear that’s a blast.)
Being the size you claim, you might work for a doctor, intimidating people who can’t pee in the cup. They’d go if YOU told ‘em, I bet.

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@talljasperman I think writing somehow will a part of my career. Thanks to everyone who answered.

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