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What are the most random and the most controlled things you do?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) June 26th, 2014

I don’t care about toothpaste brands but I will only use Ivory as body soap.

Don’t care whether it’s organic eggs or not, brown or white but I always fry two eggs sunny side-up then pour two scrambled eggs on it.

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I brush my teeth with a beach towel, I stock up on fine dental floss, for the times that I notice that popcorn seeds are stuck in-between my teeth and some times I spit the shell out on the ground as a sport, for distance.

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I never plan my weekends. I just wake up, do some drugs and go hiking somewhere or go to a restaurant.

I’m controlled at work. People will think I’m mad when I’m just concentrating, and I’m all like “Hey man that’s just my face!”

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Most random thing: my thoughts run randomly when I’m in bed.
Most controlled thing: I never let my thoughts prevent me from getting up and go out when I need.

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My before to bed routine must be respected, at all costs. Even if I’m drunk or something. But it only counts when I’m home. It goes in this order and nothing else; Read book for a while before bed, have a mini snack, use the bathroom, brush my teeth, go back into my bedroom, rip out my eyeballs, untie my hair and comb it, take off clothes and hop into bed. Usually with kitties.
Bathroom can be skipped if I don’t have to use it, and untying my hair will also be skipped, if it was untied to begin with. But it still needs combing.

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@Symbeline do you put the eyeballs in a glass of water and leave it next to you ready for the morning?

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Nah they just sit there on my shelf, and pop back into my sockets a little before I have to wake up, I never feel them doing it.

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The most controlled thing I do is my bathroom routine. Due to a bladder disorder I cannot pee voluntarily so I use a catheter, every 3.5 to 4 hours (while awake) and that in itself is a kind of ritualised process. At a push, I can go up to about 6 – 8 hours if necessary but I will end up in pain, or having an embarrassing “accident” if I leave it too long.

My days off work are usually pretty random. Sometimes I will hop on a bus or train and go somewhere just for the fun of it.

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I like routine things to be controlled so I can leave random for fun. I schedule almost everything that I consider “work” which probably makes me seem very rigid, but it allows be to be much more spontaneous when it comes to fun.

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Hmm, nothing that I can think of. I must be really boring.

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I’m both neurotic and impulsive.

I’ll plan my chores down to the littlest detail (makes checking each one off more satisfying and I don’t have to think about it).

And I’ll detour off the freeway for an hour just because I’ve never gone that way before.

I’ll line up my M&M’s by color and I’ll absent-mindedly organize my friends’ bookshelves when I’m chit-chatting with them.

I’ll pull over to run through a field of grass (‘cause it looks very run-through-able) and sketch some weeds (‘cause they’re purdy).

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Least controlled…bed time and getting-up time.

Most controlled, driving.

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One of the most controlled things I do is get up at the same time every weekday, follow the same routine to get ready for work and leave at the same time to get there.

One of the least controlled thing is hiking. Anywhere, anytime and direction changes on a whim. As I told my family, I don’t make plans, I set guidelines.

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