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Would you like to gripe about something minor?

Asked by Haleth (19489points) June 26th, 2014

A thread for small inconveniences that make you feel a little bit disgruntled.

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Nope. All good here.

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A friend gave me an old pair of boots today. She had found them in her aunt’s closet – never worn. I went to polish them, and it turns out all the fake leather had dry-rotted and now it’s all flaking off. I’m going to have to come up with a very creative solution to save them.

I can’t wear my free boots. Waah!

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Impatient people really irk me.

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Why do people leave litter in parks and in the countryside? It is easier to take it away with you than it is to bring it. If you don’t appreciate natural beauty why do you go to these places?

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(NSFW) I’m itchy…. I bought a $5 pizza and the toppings fell off in the wrapper.

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[Extremely trivial] I get mad when someone gets a book out of my bookcase then put it in the wrong order. My book is in the alphabet order.

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Why is it that when I am in a hurry everyone else is in my way and just poking along 10 mph under the speed limit so that I have to ride their ass but when I have all the time in the world, people are whizzing by me and riding up my ass because they want to pass?

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I got cajun fries from 5 guys, and a teeny little piece of cajun spice got into my nail bed.

One of my favorite wineries changed their label from a unique shot of their property to some bland, generic clipart. This keeps happening with my favorite wines. I wanted to buy these for my store, but now I’m not so sure.

My room is messy, but I’m too lazy to clean it. The struggle, it’s real.

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I forgot my cat was out in the fenced garden and was calling him for about 5 minutes and thinking ” WTF..where is he!” Oops..oh yeah, I put him in the garden. Freaking city life, I am so outta here. haha

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@Haleth So what…do they have a vineyard on top of a brick building? lol

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I’m a 43 year old with two zits above her upper lip. grrr

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@Coloma If I remember right, the land was abandoned for a couple generations, and the current owners found this crumbling historic building and some old vines of a nearly-extinct grape variety growing in the fields around it. They tended the vines and turned the building into their present-day winery. Hahaha, sometimes I don’t write very clearly. XD

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@Haleth You’re fine, interesting. Saved from the edge of aabandonment and extinction. haha :-)

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Is it really that hard to pick up your dog poop? I know you saw the hunch pose and turned around to pretend ignorance.

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I fuckin hate it when I’m driving out into the country, stop in some small village for gas and then a bunch of bastards come after me with chainsaws. It pisses me off. Why does this always happen?

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@Symbeline Coz you took a Wrong Turn :)

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I lost my iPhone’s jailbreak.

I feel so ordinary.

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I had dinner at a friend’s house last night, and the guy put so much spice on the pork chop that it was still sitting on top of it, dry, when I went to take a bite. Somehow I sort-of inhaled a bit of the spice and now the back of my throat is all swollen and irritated.

Also, I’m out of disposable shower caps, so I had to wrap my head in grocery bags. It’s hair-dye day.

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People who drive against my cruise control. It’s against the law in the state of Illinois to drive in the passing lane for more than a mile or two, yet invariably I pull out to pass and the car ahead of me speeds up.

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Endless telemarketing calls.

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The bus service is on summer route which means there are fewer busses, but people haven’t gone on holiday yet. The busses are full and the weather is warm. It’s disgusting.

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While dawdling in the passing should be a capital crime you can’t expect your method to work without modern adaptive cruise control.

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@ucme Haha, like sequel after sequel, I just keep making them Wrong Turns. XD

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WTF is with these people in Suburbans, Escalades, Yukons and the like!

WTH can they not drive over a speed bump without coming to a complete stop!

JC! I see Cavaliers, Beemers and Chargers drive over them without even slowing down.


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I switched jobs and took a huge pay cut, and I’m a lot happier….but damn I miss going out all the time lol. I actually have to look at prices of things now.

I wasn’t rolling in dough before, but I was single without a lot of debt so it was easy and fun.

Now I get off work and have to sit here while it’s sunny out.
I’m learning to accomodate though.

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To clarify, @SecondHandStoke, I have my cruise control on, I race up on the car ahead of me, and as soon as I get in the passing lane, they speed up just enough to keep me in their blind spot. Now my front bumper is even with their rear bumper, and in IL, I am the one breaking the law.

That said, what it MACC?

Maybe we can make it Simple Modern Adaptive Cruise Control? SMACC?

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@rojo during the winter snow here, I always say the bigger the truck, the more the horsepower, the more wheel drives, the slower they go. I think it’s sadistic – the vehicle behind them failing is justification for their 7 MPG vehicle. I’m guessing you have the illogical summer version.

And railroad tracks. People driving like they are still two steel posts laying on the ground with a train barreling at you.

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@Blackberry Playing outside is free

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My daughter just pissed me off. She can be so overwhelming sometimes. Tells me my business and interrupts and doesn’t let me speak. Fuck….know it all kids. Pffft!

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Nobody thinks my getting raped by the three hot babes was a traumatic experience.
What, only women get to have feelings?

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I had hair-transplant surgery today and it went horribly wrong.

Many of my follicles went into tonsorial arrest, so they had to put me in a medically-induced comb-over! ;-o

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It’s so hot here today, that my hot flashes now seem like a cool ocean breeze.

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