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Ladies: Do you use a more "summery" colored handbag in the summer?

Asked by jca (35976points) June 27th, 2014

I usually buy or use a different handbag in the summer – one that is lighter in color or more “summer colors.” For us, summer is 2 to 3 months long, so it’s like almost as soon as I get it and start using it, it’s time to stop.

This year, I haven’t done that (yet).

Ladies, do you buy or use a more “summery” colored handbag in the summer?

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I have purse ADD.

I never buy purses, as I like to make my own. The changes aren’t seasonal – just whatever nifty fabric I come across that screams to me “MAKE ME A BAG!”

Right now mine is a purple tote with multicoloured handles I wove on my inkle loom, with a matching clutch that I keep my wallet and keys in.

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My purse is the same black Kenneth Cole Reaction bag that I got on the cheap in January and I have no desire to change it until it starts to fall apart. I only bring my purse with me to work. I never carry it with me on weekends, out to eat, etc. I usually just carry my keys (or put them in my husband’s pocket) and my wallet (if I need it) or just stick my debit card and ID in my back pocket along with my cell phone.

I used to carry a purse every single day, but it was pretty annoying having to lug it around on campus when I was in college. I ended up just putting everything in my bookbag instead. After I graduated, I realized I really didn’t want to carry one around with me all the time, so I don’t. The bag I have now is the only one I own that isn’t in bad shape. I use them until they’re done for.

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No. I have one large very light-weight black microfiber thing that is designed to not give me a back-ache.

Like this, in black and slightly bigger. I can sponge off pizza or drool stains. it has many compartments for compulsiive organizing and some adustable straps and various small clips and mini-carabiniers for keys or such.

I have one other small black clutch with a strap should I ever be presented to the Queen or goto a formal wedding (may those days be finally over).

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Yes! I just bought a bright orange one with lots of pockets that zips shut. I had to buy the leather flip flops to match. Those two things are my summer staples now. And I seem to have a thing for maxi sundresses this year, too. I’m really comfortable.

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No. I have one handbag and I go with it in every weather condition.

Coincidentally, my handbag has a really “summery” color. It suits the weather fine.

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No, I just carry one around until it falls apart. Then I buy another one from….Goodwill, of course! Or garage sale.

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I don’t think you are allowed to say “colored” anymore.

I think you have to use the term “differently toned”.

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No. I usually pick whatever goes well with my outfit that day. I used to care a lot more about purse fashion but since my son was born I’m more likely to throw my wallet and phone in his diaper bag than to tote around a purse. I have enough crap to carry as it is.

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Usually not. The only exception is if I am kind of dressing for an occassion. It doesn’t have to be a formal occassion, just something I put some thought into the outfit. Right now, from my accident, I still have shoulder and neck pain and tend to always use my lightest weight purse that I can wear across my chest if I need to.

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No. I tend to have a favourite day-to-day bag or two and I’ll use them until I get bored with them regardless of the season. I also have bags that are practical for particular occasions. So evening bags, or bags that are suitable for meetings where I don’t want to carry a big bag. The event, practical needs and my mood dictate my bag choice.

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No. As long as it has a zipper closure and pockets for organization, that’s what I Iook for in my bags. I really don’t care that it matches my clothes either, as long as it’s functional and suits my needs.

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I usually don’t carry a handbag – My license, health insurance card and credit card fit in my cell phone case in my pocket. I put cash and lip balm in my other pocket (the balm goes in the coin pocket if I have one). However, I have a black microfiber bag, similar to what @gailcalled describes, that has an iPad pocket for if I’m ever going somewhere that I might need to sit and wait a while. I also have a wristlet and small clutch for more formal outings, but those are black, too.

I would like to have a spring-summer bag for those occasions when I need one, but I have yet to find a good one despite years of searching. I’m picky that way. I had a nice woven beige one, but it started to fall apart, and I’ve yet to find a replacement.

I’m not too far from where you are, @jca, and I start using lighter-colored accessories to match the lighter colors in my wardrobe beginning around April through the end of September. Admittedly, I am oblivious to fashion rules, and I dress for the weather on that particular day, not for the date on the calendar; so the lighter clothing in my wardrobe gets used over 5 months or more, depending on the warmth of weather.

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@AshlynM I am so opposite. Just give me a bag-bag that I can throw stuff in!

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