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What is a good place to take my wife and kids in Myrle Beach after Ocean stuff?

Asked by Jeepman1991 (1points) July 13th, 2007
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I'm assuming you meant Myrtle Beach.

There's Ripleys Aquarium,Broadway at the Beach, Barefoot landing, The pavilion. Don't expect reasonable prices on anything though.

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You probably aren't camping, but if you are, I'd recommend against camping at the state campsite next to the beach.

Yes, it's by the beach, but it's also below sea level, so if you happen to be camping there, with, say, your college buddies, and there is a huge downpour at, maybe, 5 in the morning, your tents will flood. Of course, you also may find out that one of your buddies had known about the downpour, but instead of warning everyone, would instead seek solace inside, for example, the Durango you might have driven down in, claiming, "I thought it was just me that was wet". Then you might conceivably go on and found a website with that buddy, possibly one that bears a striking resemblance to this one.

Purely hypothetical.

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