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Can I get the Spore Creature Creator Upgrade on my Mac?

Asked by EnzoX24 (1986points) July 6th, 2008

I went to the website and I only see PC/Mac as a box, and PC for download. Does this mean I cant download it to my Macbook?

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I was able to download and purchase the full version here:

You need to click on the download link first, which takes you to’s storefront; after completing the purchase transaction the receipt contains the actual download link for the full version download.

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Unfortunately it doesn’t work on a macbook…

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sndfreQ, does it ship the game or does it directly download?

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it won’t work on macbook, i believe it can be hacked, but it’s not smart to do really

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I bought a copy at gamestop. It was still only ten bucks and worked with no problem on my MacBook.

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are you sure? it said it wasn’t supported explicitly… weird

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I swear. At gamestop it comes like any other computer game. I had already downloaded the trial, then about a week later, I went to gamestop to buy a game for my 360. I saw that they had the creature creator for sale on a disc and on the case it said for windows or OS X. Sooo, I bought it, installed it, and now I enjoy the full creature creator on my MacBook.

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This is what I did. link

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It downloaded directly from the link on the receipt, along with the serial#; the Apple site listed the graphics requirements and if your MacBook has an X3100 or better (Integrated GMA graphics chip) you should be set…

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