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Any ideas of what I can make for dinner?

Asked by Yeahright (2762points) June 27th, 2014

Just for myself and I don’t eat carbs. after 3:00 PM.

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Grill a chicken breast, serve it with a salad.

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Bacon and eggs.

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Had eggs this morning….

Need ideas for salad though. It seems like I make the same salad all the time.

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Not many choices when cutting out carbs. Try an Atkins website for recipes.

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A microwaved potato… with butter and sour cream, topped with bacon bits.

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Make a rabbit stew, and then make a fucking hat out of the carcass.

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How about grilled veggies?

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Lettuce wraps. Grilled/baked/broiled chicken breast meat and veggies cut up, mixed with a little dressing and wrapped in lettuce leaves.

We used to make a simple salad that was delicious.
Small cut cauliflower and broccoli; tiny whole tomatoes (mostly color, so red peppers or pimento would do better); small black olives; matchsticked water chestnuts and canned mushrooms. Mix in a bowl pour Italian dressing over, and let sit at least overnight. You could use canned tuna or salmon for protein – grilled, even better. Would make a great filling for lettuce wraps or just as a salad.

Stir fry, if you have a variety of veggies.

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“I don’t eat carbs. after 3:00 PM.”

Why not? Hopefully not due to some misguided attempt to lose weight.

No carbs pretty much limits you to meat. Even eggs, vegetables, and cheese have a few carbs.

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Thanks for all the great suggestions….I ended up making a pear, walnut, gorgonzola, mesclum salad with balsamic-dijon-honey vinaigrette.
@jca had that last night…
@ibstubro Can’t wait to try those lettuce wraps and the salad.

Thanks everyone.

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@Yeahright: I am confused. Pears would be high in carbs since they’re a fruit. Balsamic dijon honey vinaigrette would be high in carbs, I bet. Yet you said you don’t eat carbs after 3 pm.

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