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What would crash investigators' verdict be on the following car crash case?

Asked by flo (13213points) June 27th, 2014

If all the jury members were police or private crash experts (I know there is no such thing) what would their verdict be?
Some of the articles.


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I’m no expert, but I’d say guilty. You posted the same article twice.

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As a crash investigator, I suppose I would be interested in why the motorcycles were unable to avoid a collision with a vehicle stopped in the road. There is no mention as to whether the bikes hit the car head on or from behind. The statement that the car was parked in the “passing lane” leaves me hungering for a better description of the roadway. That the woman showed poor judgement is beyond dispute, but there is far more information available to a crash investigator, than the paltry bit of human interest porridge presented in this news clip. Without that information, its a waste of time asking for a verdict

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We already know that the verdict is guilty. You’ve asked about this case already.

From the way you have worded the question, it sounds like you are saying that the jury members are not qualified to return a guilty verdict. That’s not the way our judicial system works. She is tried by a jury of her peers, not by a jury of experts.

Regardless, I think the jury made the correct judgment. But you know that already, from the extensive conversation we’ve already had about this on Fluther.

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I don’t know how their verdict could be anything but guilty. It was sheer stupidity. However, I doubt any jail time is going to make her feel worse than the knowledge that her stupidity killed two people, one of whom was just starting to live their life.

I have to question, though, why the wife was able to avoid the car. Was the husband just not paying attention?

Can someone send me a link to the other question?

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@Dutchess_III From my understanding, there was a car in front of him that managed to swerve out of the way just in time to miss hitting this stopped car. I don’t know how close he was to that car, but he was close enough to that car that it made him too close to the stopped car to avoid the crash. His wife was behind him, not sure of the distance, and saw the whole thing happen. I can’t imagine watching that.

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I’m always on my husband not to follow so closely behind bigger vehicles that you can’t see the road ahead. I mean, I hate to put any blame on the poor man, but it sounds like he may have been speeding and not driving as carefully as he could have. In one report I read that the wife was “going slower and was able to stop in time.”

I can’t imagine seeing something like that either. My heart is so going out to her. What a nightmare.

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@dappled_leaves disappearing when getting stumped here and then pointing to where being stumped happened?

@Dutchess_III the only reason people are afraid of blaming the man and his daugther are dead. But the scientific evidence is clear as a bell. The speeders areone set of people who would insist that she is guilty.

The other people avoided her, open and shut.

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@flo Yep. The woman was very stupid for doing what she did, but as drivers, especially experienced drivers, we have to be ready for it, even expect it.

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@Dutchess_III for sure. Her ending up with a criminal record is a crime. Even if doesn’t get jail time, her life is ruined.

If everyone would please post links to other articles that you’ve read? The articles I’ve been reading are not so informative as to what the defence lawyer was demonstrating.

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By the way I forgot to add the word “Edited” in my OP’s detail.

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