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Have you ever done something that you probably should have regretted but didn't?

Asked by FlyingWolf (2830points) June 28th, 2014

Inspired by this question. Have you done something that, based on your morals or ethics, or something else, you probably should have regretted (for the rest of your life?) but really didn’t regret at all?

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Ya! When I was 17 I went to a store at the mall called Cricket Alley. They had all the coolest, funkiest clothes. It always smelled of incense. It had more a head shop feel to it than anything else.

While I was there this one time, on a whim, I took several belts into the dressing room. I took the one I liked the most and ran it down my pant leg. Then I went out, put the rest of the belts away and walked out. Have NO idea why I even did it. I wasn’t strapped for cash or anything.

The belt was made of braided leather. Each braid was a different color. About a week later one of the braids broke. I took it back to the store and demanded a replacement. I got one!

I never stole anything again after that.

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Kleptomania is a disease, even if only acted out once.

Why do they put the candy right in the front of the stores, and why do they have an infinite variety? Don’t they know sugar addicts cannot resist such temptation?

When I was a kid I would walk out with candy bars all the time w/out paying. I never regretted nor even felt bad about it as that delicious yummy Snickers, Butterfinger, Nestles Crunch, Almond Joy or M&Ms melted in my mouth, not in my hands!

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I started drinking.

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I clicked on this thread.

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Every day.

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Yes. I had an affair with a married man. I know I should regret it but I don’t. I didn’t set out to steal someone else’s man but I fell in love and couldn’t help myself. Before it happened I was on my high horse about how I would never do such a thing so It was a good lesson for me as a 19 year old who had never been in a serious relationship up until that point. It taught me to not see things as simply black and white. I don’t judge people that have affairs anymore, I am aware that I don’t know the specific situation and there are so many reasons why it could happen. I don’t consider everyone who cheats (or enables someone to cheat) to be a bad person.

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