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Do you think that Emily Rudd is pretty?

Asked by fuglyduckling (412points) June 28th, 2014

She works in Disneyland, I think. She has baby-like features so I wanted to know what you guys thought of her out of mere curiosity.



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She has beautiful eyes, but she looks like she’s twelve.

Why do you ask?

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Oh god no, she is hideous, repulsive and disgusting.
I almost threw up.

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Pic 1 – Yeah
Pic 2 – Screams botox & peeing in a public place

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She’s okay for a teenybopper. The pictures you chose to portray her weren’t very flattering, so I went to Bing and found some others where she is actually very good looking, for a little girl.

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First picture: yes.
Second picture: Why.

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Are you stalking this girl? I mean, she has no Wikipedia entry and only social media sites pop up for her in Google.

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I guess. Who is she?

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If she is supposed to be famous or striving to be famous she needs to immediately fire her publicist.

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I have no idea who she is but if she isn’t famous, is she okay with you posting her photos? Even candid shots of her?

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Her face is strangely proportioned.

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I like the second picture. It has character. The first on is too deer in the headlights.

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Yes. Are you, in fact, Emily Rudd?

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The first photo: Huge eyes in a diminutive face. If the eyes were missing, the face would be a template for the stereotypical alien from outer space. The second photo is unworthy of comment.

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She is an attractive young woman. What are baby-like features?

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Some dude will love you for what you are. No need to compare yourself to others.

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On topic: I like her face. It’s cute. If “baby-like features” means “younger than her age” then I think you are right.

Off-topic: again, a jelly asks the collective for opinions about a certain famous person.

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^^ Emily Rudd is not a famous person. OP said, “She works in Disneyland, I think.”

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A wright, we need to know… who is this person to you??

Because frankly, if she is not a public figure, I’m not sure posting her photo and using her real name here on Fluther is kosher.

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I’ve never heard of her until I read this question, but it does look like she has followers. She’s a 21 year old actress/model from MInnesota.

She looks like a beautiful young woman.

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Yes of course she is pretty.

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Looking through @jonsblond provided links, it is obvious to me that she’s worked with a variety of talented photographers, hair/makeup stylists, and clothing stylists, photoshop retouchers…

Girls should be careful not to compare their homemade iphone selfie image with such productions of this level. They are made to look casual, but I assure you they are not. Not often a girl can put herself together this well without the assistance of professionals.

That’s my business. I know these things.

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@jonsblond Your first link is hilarous! “Be a natural beauty like Emily Rudd!” then it goes through 6 steps regarding hair color (dyed) and make up and tweezing and moisturizers….

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of course yes she is pretty. :)

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@Dutchess_III Haha that’s too funny.

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