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IPad tech question. Is there a way to make the ×´ buttons×´ larger on fluther?

Asked by zenzen (4057points) June 28th, 2014

General, social and meta buttons are tiny, as are several other buttons, e.g., answer button.

Also, the browser x button to close it is tiny.

My settings are at the largest font.

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If you go all the way down there should be a link to use the full site instead of the mobile one. It should work better on a tablet.

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Pinch and zoom?

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I use the full site on my iPad with Google Chrome for iOS as the browser, which is great except for when Chrome crashes.

I double-tap on the main part of the screen, which zooms in and puts the sidebar on the right off the page. This also helps my eyes when reading walls of text. Then I pinch to zoom out when needed.

Using the device in landscape orientation also makes it larger.

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