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Upon reading a post or comment here, how much do you take into consideration the jelly's lurve count, i.e., how long the jelly has been here or how active he is?

Asked by zenzen (4057points) June 28th, 2014

Knowing he may have changed accounts, reset or is using an alt anyway, of course; does it matter to you if the jelly is new or a vet?

Do you take into consideration a jelly’s chosen title, .i.e., if he calls himself Dr. So and so. Would you listen more intently, never knowing whether he is indeed one?

Thanks, and lurve on.

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Hey you baiting the jellies? I know you and we both know we give all jellies equal consideration. I don’t put squat on a title. It’s answers and questions that make me want to talk with an interesting jelly. If it’s a new jelly or an old jelly they get the same treatment. Old jelly? My ass might be grass.

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No, not much. And having “Doctor” in the title doesn’t mean anything.

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Not at all. if the response is clear, interesting and informative, that’s good enough for me. If it is verbose, repetitive, filled with guesswork and sloppy assumptions, I’m outta here. If the respondant has taken the time and effort to write in standard English, I also appreciate that courtesy to the reader.

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I see three noobs above this, yet no GA ‘s. Thanks for the evrul, negative lurve, I shan’t ask any more questions if I don’t get my points. Taking my questions home.

Miss ya especially @Adirondackwannabe hi @snowberry @gailcalled how are you Madame?

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I spoil the newer jellies and kinda ignore the jellies with high lurve counts.

I will stop that behavior as older jellies need lurve too.

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@zenzen Wouldn’t that be pity points if I did it for that reason. I’m waiting to see how the discussion develops to see if it deserves a GQ. I’ve missed you too. I’ve had other things keeping me from fluther.

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I do answer differently when I know the OP, but I don’t evaluate their lurve count.

I tend to not trust people I don’t know with medical issues/advice on potentially dangerous situations. Most everything else, I take at face value.

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I’ll take pity points. I’m a lurve whore. Fuck me with your lurvey stick, adi.

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Oh god LMAO. Here’s some pity points. But it is a good question and made me think. Like @longgone said, I see someone I’ve connected with I will go out of my way to answer.

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Falling on my sword. Edit; respondent (speaking of irony).

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I go by the quality of the answer.

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Ditto @longgone. That’s why I can joke with my jelly friends without any fear.

Judging by the posts, I can guess if a new jelly is actually an old one with a new account too.

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@marinelife oh really? Well, it takes one to know one. So there. Waitaminit, that was a compliment inadvertently.

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I only lurve users with the number seven in their lurve score. Looks like it’s not your lucky day zenzen. Sorry.

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No consideration at all.

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It’s kind of impossible at this stage for me to pretend I don’t know the character of the person just by seeing the avatar. Lurve has little to do with it, but to some extent personal experience of their previous posts does. There are plenty of people here who have high lurve scores but with whom I rarely agree. However, even given that, I will usually give the person the benefit of the doubt and respond and/or give out lurve as a fresh interaction.

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Look at that. I gave you pity lurve and you have a seven now. It is your lucky day. =)

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I don’t, what I put into consideration is what I know of them, and if I don’t know them, I try to do so. Lurve has very little to do with it, if anything at all.

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I pay attention to who people are but not their lurve score.

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It’s the question that’s determines my interest. The reaction to some of the more obtuse questions is to look immediately at the avatar. There are virtually no surprises resulting from this. The “teenager in love” questions I try very hard to give a neutral pass and suspend judgement. The luvre score I regard as the closet thing here to a seniority list, and I suppose there is achievement in merely out-suffering your peers.

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For starters your score determines if you get flagged as spam. If your lurve is one and your question has a link in it and there is some mention of a product I will flag as spam without really reading.

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@johnpowell sort of a given yo :p

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I think zen is drunk.

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Unlike a lot of people here, I answer questions at face value only, nothing else comes into it at all, words on a screen baby.

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Not much…

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I take only one thing into account: whether a question or comment interests me.

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@Symbeline – I’ll take the bait: ”What’s Lurve got to do, got to do with it…

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The only thing that really matters is if the answer is clear, concise and maybe has a little bit of humor thrown in for good measure. Some answers can be technically correct, but if they’re too dry and sterile, or repetitive of someone else’s answer, I likely won’t give a GA.

I also tend not to give GA’s when someone simply answers Yes or No, without giving any qualifying statements. Just saying yes or no doesn’t really add anything to the conversation. And although I’ve been told recently that Fluther is not a Social Network Site (which I don’t believe for one second, because I’m on here with you guys almost every day having great social interactions) it is the social aspect, the conversations, if you will, that make Fluther something special and not just another Q & A site.

I’ve been surprised recently that I have been able to give GA’s to a couple of Jellies, with which I almost never agree. I also noticed that several other Jellies who tend not to agree with these same folks, guys, ahem, people, also pointed that out, that they too were in agreement with people who they tend not to be. It was kind of weird. Good, but weird.

I love it when I see a brand new Jelly who manages to put forth an almost perfect answer, after having only been here for a very short time.

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^^ Meant to say, “with whom I almost never agree.”

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I don’t. I try to remember which have offended me, but if it’s been a day or so I can’t remember any details.

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I give everyone here a fair shake until they prove themselves to be a cartoon or otherwise less than credible.

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I maxed out on lurve giving to many jellies. I still give GA’s though.

I do have favorites… like every teacher secretly does… but still enjoy meeting and getting to know new jellies.

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I just came back to give everyone a GA on this one, whether they deserved it or not. Now everyone has at least one.

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I love me my pity lurve. :D

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None of that really has much sway with me; how long they have been here or how many points they have is not important. How fast they got to any milestone is relevant especially if they have not been here a while. I may investigate how many lurve they gleaned per string and what comments they made to get them; then I can extrapolate if it was earned lurve, or support lurve.

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