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If you now met you at 6, what would you tell yourself?

Asked by fuglyduckling (412points) June 29th, 2014

Imagine meeting your 6 year old version for a brief amount of time.

Would you say anything?

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I would tell her all what would happen in her future up to my time, so that she could avoid all unnecessary troubles.

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Stay away from Patti ! I know you like her and want to be with her but 6 years from now she will dump you for another bigger kid who can play sports a lot better.than you.
Her loss.
Andrea likes you. She is just to afraid to say it.

Here’s how to throw a ball. This is more important than you can imagine.

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No. I’d leave myself alone.

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At 6? Study for your math test. If you try to cheat you will get caught.

Bet big on the Red Sox and the Patriots to both go all the way in 2004. I know it sounds crazy, but trust me.

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I doubt I would get to talk to me. When I was six I did not trust any strangers. I thought my brother was an idiot to just walk up to people and tell them his name, address, phone number, how many dogs we had, well, EVERYTHING.
If I did manage to strike up a conversation I would NOT ask if the cat got my tongue. I would tell me that the world is huge, with more people than I can imagine, and lots of them very different from each other. I would say there not only tons of people, there are constant changes I would tell me there are so many changes happening in the world, the world would be an entirely different kind of place by the time I grew up. I would make me promise not to believe anybody that my dreams are silly, because I would need those dreams to make my life happy when I grow up.
I would make a promise to me that if I got good grades in school all the way to graduation day, and ask a HS counsellor what unusual jobs could I learn,about, I would have a very happy life.
I would tell me that not all grownups are the same, and that lots of them are wrong about many things, just stay out of trouble until I got to be a grownup, and then I would be free to be as happy as I choose.

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Santa is not real…
The aliens in Star Trek are only actors…
Don’t tell your friends you believe in aliens based on Star Trek…
Time travel in a car traveling faster than 80 miles is not possible…
Keep the given lotto numbers safe…you will use them at the given dates…
Don’t borrow your Lego’s to your cousins, your friends and keep it safe…
Always wear sunblock…
The bully on the corner will work one day for you…
Apple is not a fruit company but a computer company, convince your parents to invest in them…

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You will never find your brother again. Only believe in yourself and what you can do for yourself.

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Six is too young to impart useful advice. I would not even understand what I was talking about.

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“Don’t worry mate, it gets way bigger”

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Don’t be so impatient to age another year.

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Don’t let fear and your shyness keep you from trying activities you are interested in.

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Show some love for yourself, gain more self-worth and don’t be so scared.

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I would kidnap him for a long tutorial, and leave him instructions on where to go to review a secret cache of copious notes on subjects pertinent to his future decisions.

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Also… I would strongly encourage him to learn a musical instrument—guitar or piano. His folks, who loved music and taught him a lot about, failed for some reason to do that.

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No words would suffice. I’d just give that little kid a long hug and let her cry.

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I’d bitch slap my own ass.

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Don’t do it.

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“Don’t worry about your friends stealing your magical powers telepathically. They can’t.” I spent a great deal of time being upset about that.

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“Don’t change a thing because you are going to love who I have become.”

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Get a library card, and use it.

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You are way more awesome than you think. Always believe in yourself.

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Buy every baseball card you can find. Hide them in a safe place.
If a boy hurts you make him regret it. Don’t fear boys. Be aware of your strength.
Use dental floss for life.
Watch mom cook as often as possible.
Make polite small talk with your friends’ parents.
Brush after eating sweets.

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