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Digital photo diary of your life: If smart phones were around for the entirety of your life, what events would be documented on your "Life History in Photos?"?

Asked by jca (35972points) June 29th, 2014

Smart phone cameras and digital cameras now make it so easy to photograph, upload and share photos. Now, the most mundane items and events get photographed. People photograph drinks, food, purchases new hair styles, pets – you name it. If I go to a retirement party or other random event, I will be taking at least a few shots to commemorate the event. Not that photographing these things is new or novel, it’s the quantity of photos we now have of each and every thing that is.

If you recall, in the printed photo days, we’d choose more carefully what we photographed, as having photos printed meant more effort and money went into each and every photo. From when I was little, I have photos of myself in Easter clothes or at a birthday party, but nowhere near the amount of photos we take now. Now there’d be photos of my first baby outfit, every party, the list goes on and on.

It makes me think about all of the events I’ve been to in my life (my very long life LOL) and how, if smart phone cameras existed then, I’d have so many more photos to remember all of these events – parties, trips, dinners, family events, that I’ve lived through.

If you had a photo diary of your entire life, what events would be on it?

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The rite of passage strip club visit at age 18.

When I was in high school, I remember the Motorola Razor being the big new thing lol.

Oh also the first time I went camping and my first bonfire party!

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Maybe all of my important/happy events like the day I graduated from schools or won a contests… or some nice things I see randomly like a bunch of clover leaves.

Speaking of photos, I don’t photograph by myself so often, and most of the time I photograph “random nice things”. Many of my photos are taken by someone else.

Oh yeah, I wish I brought a camera more often so that more of my important events could be documented. I have missed so many of them already :p

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It would be just as empty as it is now.
The only thing I have photographed was a dead bird at the side of the road.

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Smart phones weren’t around my entire life but my mother always had a camera. She loved taking pictures. I have photos of me doing silly things when I was a toddler, photos of all of our trips, photos of every special occasion, photos of the landscape of the many places we visited. I can’t think of anything she missed. She has tons of printed photographs in boxes and photo albums.

I got my love for photography from my mother. She let me take photos with her camera, then when I was old enough my parents bought me my own camera. I took classes in high school and learned how to develop film, then I became a photographer for the yearbook staff. I have two large storage boxes full of printed photos that I took from about the age of 14 until I bought my first digital camera 12 years ago. I have pictures of senior ditch day from 1987, pics from graduation night, pics of my best friends and I goofing off and pics from our band trips to Magic Mountain. I was always the only person in our group who was walking around with a camera.

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My childhood was unhappy, and I’ve forgotten so much. It would be nice to have images to help me remember some positive experiences and not just negative.

I was in choir at church and school, and did the handbells at church, too. I was in ballet and tap from toddler to teen, so there’d be photos and videos of those performances.

It’s the 40-year anniversary of when a major theme park opened a few miles away (it’s now in the Six Flags family), so we’d have lots more photos of the safari and rides. We’d have more images of my brother and his friends working in the Haunted Castle for a few seasons (until a year or two before it tragically burned 30 years ago killing some guests inside).

I’d have photos of my three visits to the Twin Towers and my one visit to the Statue of Liberty, and to the big circus at Madison Square Garden, and the couple of Mets games I went to. Perhaps photos from when we went to Broadway plays and concerts in New York and Philadelphia (R.I.P. Spectrum).

And there would be a whole lot more photos from the times we got to go to Switzerland to visit our extended family and did some traveling around the countryside.

This is a great question and brings to mind something I’ve pondered for a while—I’ll probably post a related Question later, once I figure out how to phrase it.

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a TON more photos from all of the plays I was in. Not just of the production, but all the rehearsals and backstage antics.
Also a lot of stuff from my college days.

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Good points. I think about school projects I did, school plays and other school stuff like poetry readings, parties that my mom had where now there’d be photos of the goody bags and all kinds of details, college life where now there are photos of the university sign, projects, all kinds of stuff. I have a lot of photos and always had a camera since around age 9, but without a smart phone camera I didn’t always take a camera with me and don’t have a lot of mundane photos which are important towards documenting the little details which make up life.

What prompted me to ask this question is that one of my Facebook neighbors posted a photo of the season’s first cherry tomato from her garden. I thought “how mundane and yet it’s a little detail which documents her life.”

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No telling! My mom wasn’t very good at discerning what was appropriate and what was not so no telling what pictures of me would be around.

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None. I would never waste my money on an allegedly smart phone.

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I think a video diary of our lives is a near reality. Some device, somewhere, is recording most of us at every moment. Once the government develops a program to co-ordinate this information (if it hasn’t already), petty crime and privacy are history.

Soon we won’t need “smart phones” but “Equalizer” phones.

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Probably a lot of stupid “selfies” of my friends and I, being totally retarded as 12-year-olds.

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