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Help me remember this high-tech thriller movie?

Asked by dalesmcd (8points) July 6th, 2008

For the life of me I can’t remember the name of a movie I watched ages ago.

It was a high-tech thriller. Imagine Robert Redford’s Spy Game combined with Will Smith’s Enemy of the State, and you’d get the idea. Set in modern day. Probably filmed 5–10 years ago. Very slick and chrome. It was very fast paced with lots of quick edits (more than usual for a thriller). Realistic technology, but stretching it a bit. Same with plot. Quality drama and action but heavy on the action.

I remember it being high quiality, an expensive Hollywood production with quality actors and direction.

It’s not Bourne. :)

Sorry, not much more to go on. I didn’t watch all of it, the house was crowded with kids (fun kids!) at the time. And I’m sooo terrible with names I can’t remember any of the actors names.

Any suggestions?

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I loved Sneakers!

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@Lightly: Are you sure that Redford was in Cypher?

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No, sorry. Cypher’s more sci-fi than what I’m trying to remember. Sneakers is too hacker-ish. The one I’m trying to remember is more planes and satellites. But yeah, Sneakers is great fun! Never heard of Cypher before, but I might check it out.

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@Lightlyseared Sorry, Robert and Will aren’t in the one I’m trying to remember. Just mentioned their movies as kin to mine. :)

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@Gail no Redford wasn’t in Cypher. It was a sci fi corporate spy film. I didn’t think Redfrord had to be in it, Spy Game was just an example?

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Sneakers rocked!

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Confessions of a Dangerous Mind?

Bad Company? (2002)

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@Lightlyseared Bad Company? LOL, no but I had forgotten about that one. Now I gotta find one to watch tonight! LOL.

Take away the humor, add some high-tech and it’d be close to what I’m searching for.

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@Dales: perhaps you should write a screen play, given the total cumulative films seen by the collective and the lack of ID?

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Who was in it? Lead actors?

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Yeah, I admit I’m weak on details. Still, I was hoping. It’s one of those things that sticks in your mind. It’s been years since I saw it (what little I did see of it) and I still hope to someday watch it again.

Then, stumbled across Fluther today and thought I try my luck.

Thanks all!!!

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@Dales; if this collective can’t answer your question, no one (except perhaps Roger Ebert) can.

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Was it The Recruit?

Al Pacino, Colin Farell, about a CIA agent in training trying to find a mole in the company-had a few elements that were similar in style to Enemy of the State (2003).

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Flight of the Navigator?
the ship was all chromy

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@snedfreq I thought it might have been The Recruit, but I don’t think that was that high-tech.

The Minority Report

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Take that back. Minority Report was set in the future.

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LOL…Here’s what’ll happen. I’ll be old. Very old. My eyes and ears barely hanging on. And my great-grandkid will say, or rather shout, “Hey gramps, remember that great movie…” And he’ll be right. But it’ll be too late for me to see it.

But that’s OK. I’ll still be happy knowing the gosh darned title!


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swordfish comes to mind for me

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paycheck? while we’re doing Philip K dick stories.

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@Simon and Lightlyseared Both good choices I totally forgot about those.

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Art of War? It’s kind of along the same lines and came out around the time that Enemy of the State came out and has some better actors: Wesley Snipes and Donald Sutherland in it.

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So what was it?

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