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Do you think that Jennifer Connelly is pretty?

Asked by fuglyduckling (412points) June 29th, 2014

Yes, no? A lot?

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She’s very pretty. She’s got great bone structure and that “classic” type of beauty.

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I think she looks a little man-ish

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I think she is quite pretty, talented too.

@fuglyduckling you seem rather pre-occupied with people’s’ looks and styles. What’s up,with that?

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I don’t know about “is”, but God knows she certainly WAS. “The Hot Spot” immortalized her as absolutely breathtaking.

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She was terrific, and very beautiful, in Rocketeer, Dark City, and Hulk. However, when she laughs, she looks like a horse.

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She certainly has her appeal.

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Very. If she would allow I’d give her my essence.

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Yes, I think she’s quite pretty.

For someone who supposedly doesn’t care what people think (ie bunny hat), you are way too preoccupied with looks. Not to mention your username.

To really get anything from all of this discussion, I think you have to start from a more honest place (that you do care about looks and what people think). You can’t change something that you won’t acknowledge.

Good luck!

@Blackberry Love your general-section-ed answer. :P

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She’s alright, not one of the best looking though. Just ok.

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Very much so. I find her quite attractive. I love her voice.

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