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Do you have any magic rejuvination cures for extreme stress and exhaustion?

Asked by Coloma (47015points) June 29th, 2014

I have been under a relentless amount of stress this last 10–12 weeks. Seeking new employment and potentially relocating to a new area. I just had another curve ball hit me 2 days ago when after settling on a new situation, something even better presented and I have a 2nd interview tomorrow.
I am so exhausted, and have been on an adrenaline surge for days.

I am taking stress vitamins and trying to get enough sleep, may go for a massage this afternoon, but..does anyone have any tips or tricks to help me feel better in the next 48 hours? A miracle diet, more vitamins, more rest, anything that might help me recover a slight bit before the next major push of action descends?

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