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How do I record a cassette to my Macbook Pro?

Asked by pleiades (6584points) June 29th, 2014

I have a 3.5 mm jack, and cassette player only has headphones out. And my Macbook Pro early 2011 has headphones in but the line in can work through the headphones in as well…

I can’t figure out how to definitively tweak the settings… Sometimes I get the settings but I can never remember the steps.

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Be warned, the audio is going to suck compared to what we’re used to now.

That said, I need a clarification: does the computer have 2 separate jacks for mic and headphones or does it have only one?

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Hmm, not sure but maybe audacity is available for mac? That is a good recording software.

Aside from that plug a line from the cassette headphones to the mic on the laptop, and chose the line in as your main deice (don’t have a mac, so not sure where all that stuff would be)

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Mic jacks aren’t just for microphones.

Which model do you have? The 13” was missing some jacks…..

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I have the “Early 2011 Macbook Pro” and it has the headphone jack insert only. (But I’ve gotten it it to work so I know it’s a combo thingy)

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It is, wtf apple. You can configure it as an input or output. I have that exact machine. I will say that this is not the best way. What you really need is a usb interface like this

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What is System Preferences -> Sound -> Input showing?

Mine looks like this.

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You can try a male-male cable to connect tape player headphone out to Mac Line In. You will have to adjust the volume control on the tape player so that the level going into Line In is high enough to be usable above the base noise.

I have a portable DVD player that has headphone out and Line Out. The level of Line Out on that unit is the same as headphone set to max.

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I agree that you really need a USB interface for this. They are available for A/V or just audio but either one will work for you. Audacity is available for mac & highly recommended.

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Hey gang just an update and thanks for helping!

I kind of went the route of @johnpowell

I essentially did this “”

But to adjust the levels I used the @johnpowell method.

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