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My friends don't like my crush?

Asked by CutieCupcake (85points) June 30th, 2014

I have asked why but they just say they don’t. So I asked for specific reasons but they just say nevermind and don’t tell me why.

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What’s your question?

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Get a new friends or a new crush.

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IME your friends, at least your good friends are usually right. I’ve lost many friends over their current SO or ditched some myself because of a SO. When the relationship ends they always come back to the group saying they didn’t realize how incredibly stupid they were being at the time and wished they listened.

As per the not telling you bit, there may be something there but they don’t want to say it because they don’t want to upset/anger you and jeopardize your friendship turning it into a us or him thing.

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I would pay attention to your friends and start looking at your crush to find out why the negative feelings.

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If there’s a general consensus with most of your friends about this, I’d take a careful look at the crush. They might not like the way he treats you (or girls in general). When you have feelings for someone, it’s easy to overlook that sort of behavior.

They might also know something about him that you don’t, but don’t feel like they can tell you. Sometimes when a friend has strong feelings about a guy, they get defensive and won’t hear anything negative about him.

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You are only 14. If your friends are unwilling to tell you why they aren’t crazy about your choice, then it could be something as simple as another girl is also crushing on him, or they heard some rumor. At your age there is a lot of quick judgement and drama. Be true to yourself, be honest, don’t cheat, and take mental notes as to what you do and do not want in relationships. Above all else, respect and be respected. Don’t accept less than being treated respectfully. Set that bar high, early. With your friends and your crushes.

My guess is the reason is minor. Hopefully they would tell you if he was doing drugs or killing cats or something.

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Try to pin them down as to what they don’t like. Sometimes a crush makes us look through rose colored glasses.

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