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I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Mega and I don't know how to download apps, can you help me?

Asked by talljasperman (21734points) July 1st, 2014

The screen goes white and the loading screen comes on. It won’t accept my Gmail account.

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Also it doesn’t recognize my Gmail account.

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Where did you buy it from? ? Bell or Rogers ? ?

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Have you contacted them? To verify your account is recognized.

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@Tropical_Willie Yes I went in person. In a shopping mall kiosk. The phone feature works fine… I had to make a new Gmail account… but I still can’t download apps.

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They should have verified your g-mail account before you left the kiosk. I just got a new smartphone, that was checked and they also called to one of phones at their desk.

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Until it accepts your Gmail account, you cannot get into the market to get apps.

However, that should’ve been set up before you left the store/kiosk. It takes about 30 seconds to enter your email and password, and most places are good about walking newbies through setting up their first Android.

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