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How do I get these golf clubs out of the living room?

Asked by SadieMartinPaul (8997points) July 1st, 2014

We live in a very compact, urban condominium, and we have no basement, attic, or garage.

A few years ago, my father-in-law offered Paul his set of golf clubs. Without discussing the matter with me, Paul accepted and brought the clubs home. Because we have no place to store such things, Paul plopped them in our living room.

Paul doesn’t golf. None of his friends golf. Since landing in the living room, this set of golf clubs has never been touched or moved. The clubs are covered with dust, and they look ridiculous; they stick out like a sore thumb in a small, but otherwise nice, room. I’ve had to live with this situation for several years.

I know that this is a sentimental thing. Paul loves his father deeply and is proud to have something that once meant so much to him.

Paul and I have talked, countless times, about what to do with these unused golf clubs and their inappropriate “storage” location. Paul gets passive-aggressive and does nothing, whatsoever, to fix the problem.

I’m getting very tempted to take the golf clubs to our city’s refuse center and just leave them there. But, I know that this would be the wrong thing to do.

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The bag for my clubs has a flat bottom and can be stood in a corner. Perhaps you can do the same, for now.

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Why not try and find a nice wall mount or something for them. I mean they clearly have some sentimental value so why not display them. That way they look nice and are out of the way.

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Do you not have any storage facility in the condo? No partitioned-off and lockable basement area, for example? I gather that closet space is already at a premium, so that’s not an option?

I can’t imagine that there’s any way to wall-mount a set of golf clubs (really, @El_Cadejo? ) especially with the added pressure to make them “look nice” and “out of the way” in that manner. (I would love to get some additional decorating ideas from you, @El_Cadejo – seriously!) So I think you’re stuck with finding a way to store them… somewhere else.

I’m assuming, then, that you don’t have a separate storage facility to store other soon-to-be heirlooms, such as furniture, etc., that you may be picking up from your parents or his as they age and downsize. Do your friends have any storage facilities that you can pitch in with a few bucks a month for a place to store these things?

Maybe the bigger question to get around to is… if he doesn’t golf, and you don’t golf and you have no friends who golf that would appreciate the clubs… is he just going to keep them “stored in the living room” forever? For no reason other than pride of ownership?

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I’m playing with an idea here…

If the clubs have been in the living room for years with no movement, then… take one out of the bag, tonight, and hide it. Under a chest of drawers there should be enough room for, say, a 9-iron. Maybe even something as long as a 6-iron.

Next month put the putter on a high shelf, in the back, where it won’t be spotted.

In August, do it again.

Make a game of it. See how long it takes him to realize that… half? three quarters? of the clubs are missing somewhere. In the hilarity that ensues, start the conversation that you’ve been wanting to have about these things, no blame or accusations (it’s not your style, anyway, I’m sure), but… a simple, honest conversation. “What are they doing here? What’s the plan, man?”

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Get a pool cue rack, put it behind a door that you seldom close (as in bedroom) and put the clubs in it.

Try to focus the discussion on choosing one club to save, that you can hang on the wall.

Out passive/aggressive him by laying the bag of clubs on the floor on his side of the bed, standing them in his closet or putting them in the tub/shower in his bathroom.

Take the clubs to the bus station and lock them in a locker. You’ll have to go move them occasionally, but it’s cheap storage.

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@CWOTUS It’s definitely possible to make it look nice. My uncle has something like this in his house.

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Do you have a family member with room to store them for you?

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Why not donate them to a high school, where the clubs could be put to good use helping train young golfers?

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And, you’re worried about my husband’s tchotchkes in the family room? :) ~

You could look up on eBay or Craigslist how much the clubs would sell for. Not that I think you should sell them without his knowledge, but maybe he would consider selling them. You could donate them as someone suggested above. If there is another family member who would use them and promise to return them if they ever wanted to get rid of them maybe your husband would be ok with that? The last one is the option I would prefer if it was my dad’s golf clubs. I didn’t keep some things that were in my grandma’s apartment that I really really wish I had. If my sister had them or my mom or aunt I would not feel the empty hole that I do over those things. It haunts me at times.

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They are his father’s golf clubs. His father spent hours using and enjoying them. His DNA is in on the grips There never will be another set like this one.
There might be a chance Paul will be asked to play one of these days. And he will be ready. That will save you a fortune.

Patience….He will get tired of them and will eventually give them to GoodWill or to one of the grand children who will end up destroying the set by hitting piles of black walnuts out into the woods for practice. (Not that I would know anything about that.)

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I just had a thought. Is there by any chance a closet in the apartment that you don’t use a high shelf or could install a high shelf and put the clubs up there?

Another thought, would he be interested in taking golf lessons?

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I love @ibstubro‘s idea about the pool cue rack.

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Do you have a car where you can store them in the trunk? I 2nd @2davidc8 idea of donating the clubs to a HS golf team, you get a full tax write off for the price of the clubs and knowledge that the sport his dad was so passionate about will be carried forward in the lives of many young kids.

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I agree that that is a nice display, @El_Cadejo, but that’s not “a bag of clubs”. (It’s also not a modern set – which would be probably twice as many clubs, for starters.) The clubs themselves would be a simple enough thing to store, even under a sofa or bed. It’s that bag… that’s what prevents any kind of “nice” display.

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@SadieMartinPaul They obviously mean a lot to them. Get Paul and his father to agree on which club is their favorite, then make a wall mount for that club. Get them to agree to donate the rest of the clubs to someone, doesn’t matter who. These mean a lot to them, so learn to pick your battles wisely. Some things have a lot of value to people, but not for what it first appears.

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What about in the corner of your bedroom?

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Just make sure it’s big enough, then get a nice furn, lamp or artwork for the top. If the clubs have been sitting in the living room for years, you have the room, if not the desire to waste the room. Pretty them up and forgetaboutit.

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Sometimes, things don’t need to be as difficult as they are.

Paul has a private office at work. This morning, he loaded the bag of golf clubs into his car, brought it to work, and placed it in an empty corner of his private office. They actually look nice there, and Paul gets to enjoy seeing and having them. They’re no longer my problem or concern, and I’ll never say another word. Situation resolved!

He could have done this years ago. Sadly, he’d ignored my dozens of attempts to discuss the matter politely, calmly, and cooperatively and find a good solution. This morning, I finally blew a gasket. Paul thought about the situation for maybe 5 seconds and said, “Hey! They’ll look great in my office!” Yeesh…

@ibstubro Our living room is 10’ x 13’. The golf clubs spent those years blocking a window and a baseboard heater. During the winter months, when the bag of clubs couldn’t be left flush against the heater, it sat about 2–½ feet out in the room. No, we never had the space, wasted or otherwise.

@Adirondackwannabe. Believe me, I know how to pick battles and decide which fights are worth fighting. That’s why I put up with the golf clubs for several years; that’s why I kept trying to talk about the matter and come up with a fair decision. I would have rather had an armistice instead of a battle, but the long-term situation really was untenable.

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