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Painters: What kind of paint is used here in this picture?

Asked by pleiades (6576points) July 1st, 2014

Here is the graphic

I’m thinking it’s oil or acrylic

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The transparency – particularly of the leaves – makes it look like watercolor.

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Are you sure it’s actually paint? Looks digital to me.

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That looks a lot like acrylic. It’s translucent in places and thicker in other, which is the consistency of acrylic when it’s been slightly watered down.

There is one company that actually makes water soluble oil paints which would have about the same effect. They’re so UNBELIEVABLY great.

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I’m going with gouache. It’s like acrylic and watercolour had a baby with the texture and the transparency.

@DigitalBlue is likely correct though. It’s probably a replication made using Corel Painter, SketchBook Pro, or Photoshop.

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Thinned down acrylic paint used and it seems like sharpies are involved too.

Like so

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@cookieman Yeah! We think alike once again.

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You can do whatever you want with any of the above kinds of paint, or else digitally. The most important distinctions between types of paint concern lasting qualities – the substrates can be tough once dried (like acrylic or oil-based paints) or can blur and wash away like watercolor and gouache when they’re re-wet. Also, cheaper paint will contain pigments that are called “fugitive”, meaning they won’t hold up under years of sunlight – you see houses sometimes that have been painted with cheap paint that’s faded over time.
I agree with @DigitalBlue – this was probably made with a digital watercolorish paint program.

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Wow if it’s truly digital those are some organic looking shapes and strokes!

Where can I sample these programs?

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