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Do the president and the presidential candidates have food tasters?

Asked by AstroChuck (37420points) July 6th, 2008 from iPhone equivalent? Do they analylize their food before they eat somehow? Remember Viktor Yushchenko nearly dying of dioxin poisoning a few years back while campaigning for the Ukraine presidency? I think I’d read somewhere that Saddam Hussein had food tasters.

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I’d imagine that they make sure the food comes from reliable sources, and the Secret Service oversee’s the preparation, but who knows, I really do think the days of food tasters are long since gone, but that could just be my opinion

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from NYtimes, “the President did, indeed, have a food taster when eating outside the White House.” source

that source was from 1988. This article written in this year talks about how the Secret Service refuse to give too much information of how they provide defense against food poisoning. according to the article, it seems that whenever the president is out of country/in a restaurant etc, his own stewards go there with him, and they dress up like the waiter and prepare HIS food on their own (using same recipe as for other people in the feast, just his is prepared by them).

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Oh and I believe that Obama has his own food tasters too, who seem to volunteer for the job. you can be his food taster too :P! by joining here

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@PnL- I love that they refer to the source as “Deep Lunch.”
I see the other site you provided a link to mentions Yushchenko’s poisoning.
Thanks for the links.

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Wow.. Food Tasters for Obama.. I’m speechless.

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Where do I apply?!!

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Politics makes me hungry.

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If you think about it, having actual ‘food tasters’ is pretty pointless, as there are poisons that take days to have any noticeable effect.

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Well, I really meant an equivalent. Such as ways to test what is being eaten.

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Yes. They’re called “tongues.”

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