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Revisiting this; have you purchased a decent cordless hand-held small vacuum cleaner very recently?

Asked by gailcalled (54448points) July 2nd, 2014

The old Black and Decker is no longer being made. The other products get terrible reviews (if you burrow down past the fluff) about inability to hold a charge and dust particles that fly out. It is such a handy gadget…right now I’d like to vac up the spilled oatmeal in my freezer and pick up the dead carpenter bees in the living room. Such a useful and convenient gadget…I guess that’s why I can no longer buy it. Any ideas ( from recent purchases only, please)?

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I think the Dyson one gets good reviews. I could use one myself. I would like one that’s not a ton of money (which Dyson can be) yet works well.

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@jca:I just went to Amazon, skipped the rave reviews and read the two- and one-star ones. They were dated June 2014 and were uniformly scathingly critical. One guy at Dyson customer service told the purchaser that she did not know how to vacuum properly! And really too expensive.

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Ditto on @gailcalled‘s question. Those old Dustbusters didn’t last forever, and my most recent model stopped working a while ago. I’d love to find something that’s effective for scattered kitty litter. It’s a nuisance to drag out my canister vacuum cleaner for such a small task.

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We recently went through the, “no longer made.” We ended up buying a Dyson DC34. The cost was less than $200 with a coupon, we love it. So much so that we bought a DC65 Animal complete and DC59 animal cordless for upstairs and the cars (dog fur everywhere).

The reviews on Amazon have been known to by skewed by competition buying a “bad review”.

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If it’s something Bed Bath and Beyond sells, if you sign up for their mailing list online, you’ll get frequent 20% off coupons.

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@MollyMcGuire Ah, good ol’ Brookstone. Thank you for the recommendation. I hadn’t even thought to shop there.

It looks as if one model has a cord, and the other model’s cordless. I’m not sure which to buy. Cordless is easy and convenient, but the charge might not last for very long.

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Every one that I’ve had has been a POS. So, I use the full size vacuum for everything.

My son has a kick-ass shop vac, but it is the size of a rain barrel.

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I bought this Dyson model last year but don’t think it’s any better than much cheaper brands/models I’ve owned.

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Sometimes, a corded model is more powerful than a battery powered model. Yes, the cord makes things inconvenient, but if it works better, it may be worth the inconvenience.

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I personally don’t like hand vacs (much prefer using a hose), but I will say that for best results with a cordless, get something with a lithium battery. My friend has a stick vac with one and it is SO much better than the ones with NiMH batteries. And yes, I have been known to spill things while at a guest’s house and I offer to clean it up.

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i want specific recommendations, please. I know (from grim experience) all the rhetoric.

Which corded model? Which one with lithium batteries?

Thinking that a model gets a good review is just unhelpful speculation.

@MollyMcGuire:The Brookstone reference is the most promising (which hadn’t occured to me either)...particularly since I can call customer service and chat with someone.

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