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Does anyone here have a website, blog, or forum(s)?

Asked by programin (10points) July 6th, 2008 from iPhone

I think it would be cool if you all shared them with us!

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Cliche Theme (also used by rocketboom)
Casio Exilim Lab (the funny part is i dont understand the language on the site)

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nice mirza, are you paying for all these websites or did you get them free?

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A project I recently worked on as a freelancer:

A strange project I was involved with recently:

Some business cards I just printed for myself (arrived a few weeks ago):

My most favourite thing in the world (apart from my dog):

My favourite photos from my Flickr stream:

I used to blog, but gave up:

I’m on a podcast: (sponsored by Adagio teas!)

Umm… and my personal “portfolio” (although it has a redesign in the works):

A project that’s currently in the works:

Me on Twitter:

And another project that I’m working on (a personal one this time, and intentionally vague, sorry!):

I’m 18 years old and live near Leeds in the UK. :) I know these aren’t all strictly websites, blogs or forums, but I thought I’d share what I have.

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@programmin: i am not paying anything for ziked or cliche. And the CasioExilim site is hosted on their own servers. I just designed it – so dont really know how much they are paying

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I use a Media Temple server, and will be eventually hosting Salt in Your Popcorn on a Joyent Accelerator.

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Random Meanderings – my blog, I’ve gotten out of updating but I plan to get back into it eventually.

My Flickr photos – technically not “mine” but I wanted to share. :)

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My website is still taking shape. Until it’s ready for the world, here’s my:

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@wf: No Bon Jovi on your muxtape? What a shame =(

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I’m not that one sided!! :p
Maybe next month…

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You can’t make a link from the iPhone. It just links back to this page. I’d like to see your page, but to so you must write out the entire URL. I found out that fact about the links after many, many times of doing it myself.

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A little site I created for my husband, that has a link to a blog. Just finished a more professional one for the engineering firm I work for but getting all the content from my sweet boss is a challenge…arrrghhh!

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