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When do you think?

Asked by longgone (12852points) July 2nd, 2014

When does your mind wander? Do you let it wander, or do you influence your thinking (as far as anyone can)?

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I wonder what if I kept cheating in school where would I be.

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After thinking about situations where I let my mind wander the simplest way to say it is I let it wander if I’m alone and try to keep focused when I’m with other people.

There are a few people I can just sit with and let my mind wander, but not many.

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My mind wanders most often when I’m tired…................................................
where were we?

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It depends on the type of thinking I’m doing. I process ideas and information all day long in my work. Often that has me lying awake at night, while it’s quiet and my brain is less distracted, pondering on things I’m trying to understand. I also think when I’m driving (or being driven), or when I’m doing menial tasks. It depends on what’s going on in my life and what type of problem or concept I’m trying to understand or unpack.

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How can this question be reasonably (accurately) answered? I mean, does a wandering mind imply a lack of thought? Clearly, I’m thinking about this question (I think). So, I’m thinking while at Fluther. That’s a reasonable statement. Or is it a cop out? Answering questions at fluther is like thinking out loud. Words and the stringing of words is such a slippery business. I keep re-reading this question and can’t decide if it’s about thinking or concentration. You can’t dwell on questions like this without your mind wandering. For example, consideration of this question has led me to speculate on why so many of our great literary geniuses are enamored with alcohol. Booze must be a great defense against a runaway mind trying to regulate and interpret the traffic of incoming and outgoing words. I’m melting, I’m melting. What a world!

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Wander? Well, almost all the time. Riding my bike, doing the housework, just sit in one place… It’s hard to find a moment when it’s not wandering. My mind wanders the most when I’m in bed.

Sometimes my mind wanders so much that I am unable to think, leading to some silly moments like when I pay and just walk away without collecting the change :p

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A lot. It happens any time I stop focusing on a task. Sometimes it even distracts me from tasks. The majority of my thinking happens before I go to sleep (keeping me up…) and just after I wake up.

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In the car, at work, while I’m doing something around the house, when I’m getting ready for work, when I’m laying on the deck, all the time.

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Any time anyplace. haha

I have a very sharp mind, a blessing and a curse. I am an analyzing thinking type and need to rope myself in quite often. I have done mindfulness work over the years and am fairly self aware, however, under extreme stress I have a very active imagination and can create all kinds of scenarios. I am not prone to fantasy thinking much at all, but given the stress of the last couple years and this abysmal economy I do find myself daydreaming about a new Walden Pond place again where I can just be completely alone and at peace.

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Question is when do I not think? Even my sleep is disturbed by too much thinking! Not really helping me keep sane!

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I like to let my mind wander whilest seated on the john. Some of my best Eureka moments occur there. It used to be that was my only sanctuary on the job, and that continued after I retired.

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