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When you purchase a domain name, and hosting...where is the box for HTML?

Asked by programin (10points) July 6th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m curious because I’ll be doing that soon, and I’m wondering if once you buy it, its just a blank screen and a box in the middle for HTML. I may be way off though..

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I wrote this response to a question of yours that got moderated last night:

I notice you’ve been posting a lot of questions lately that indicate a need of knowledge about programming basics. You may be better served by a Beginning Programming class at your local junior college rather than trying to educate yourself using bits & pieces found online.

Get a firm grip on Steps 1 through 10 before you jump ahead to Step 67.

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I’ve actually coded several amounts of pages, but I don’t understand doing it on paid websites.

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p.s. There is no “box for HTML,” you upload your HTML pages and their embedded assets to the host server.

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Thanks pupntaco =)

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Use an FTP client to upload content to the server.

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Where could I get a FTP client, and what is it? OMG I’m sooooooo sorry for asking so many frickin questions!!!!

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Just checking; you do know that you save your files as .html, right? These can then be uploaded to the server. index.html is the page loaded by default. You upload these files using an FTP client. Have you received login details back from your hosting company? If you tell me what platform you are using (Windows, Mac, Linux) I can suggest a client for you.

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Do a Google search for free FTP client. If you use Internet Explorer, you can cheat and access your file storage through the browser by typing “FTP://” instead of HTTP. The downside to using IE is that it’s clumsy and not exactly full-featured, but it has a GUI where you can drag and drop files and such.

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I’m using Internet explorer in Windows.

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That is probably my favorite free FTP client on Windows.

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agree with ryan there, filezilla is the cyberduck of windows :)

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ryan = johnpowell?

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ah, yeah, sorry

oh by the way, will you post the result when it’s done ?

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the results?

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the results = the website?

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This isn’t meant to be mean, but if you’ve coded “several amounts of pages,” how can you not know what FTP is or the rest of these basics?

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I believe his prior experience is on FreeWebs.

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No I code web browser pages, just practicing; by writing HTML on my file editor and opening the files on my web browser. I never said I coded websites, I said pages.

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What’s a “web browser page?”

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@programin – some hosting sites allow you edit/create web pages through an editor provided by the hosting company. and they will also let you upload images and other files through an interface on the control panel of the site in which your site is hosted. all of this without having to install anything on your computer. although, I wouldn’t suggest using the host’s html editor and uploading interface, just because you’ll spend more time uploading stuff than necessary since you can only upload so much at a time.

if you need a free HTML/WYSIWYG editor for windows, try NVU or Kompozer.

and as mentioned before, FileZilla is a great FTP client for uploading. If you need further help in uploading to your site, you should be able to find that kind of info in the help files for the hosting company.

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@PupnTaco – a single-page website I presume. No hyperlinks, no hosting, no nothing. Just HTML as a file format like ODT :)

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