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Which is worse to be in society: a short man or a fat & ugly woman?

Asked by MarvinPowell (627points) July 3rd, 2014

Is it worse to be a short man, or an overweight and masculine unattractive woman, in regards to how most people in society who aren’t friends or family will treat you. There are objective standards here to use.
Being generous and rounding down for this example, a short man is considered anything under 6’0” or 183 cm. Six-feet even would be mediocre, normal, or healthy, only being at the 75th percentile (a “C” grade). The 90th percentile in height for men (an “A”) is at 6’1” and a half or 186 cm, thus what is considered the beginning of “tall” height for adult men, in my country. (Remember, this is not the same thing as percentage! More is better.)
And an overweight woman is 170 pounds at 5’4” tall, the average female height, assuming no muscle mass is counted. This would be a Body Mass Index of 30, which is where Obese begins at. Add five pounds per one inch. (Example: A 5’9” woman at 195 with no muscle would be considered obese.) A smaller BMI is better.
Also, plus-sized models and overweight-but-beautiful women are excluded in this comparison. The obese woman must also be considered “ugly,” in this case, by having masculine traits as a female-born woman. So any man less than the 75th percentile in height is considered not-tall/short, and any woman with a BMI of 30 or more is considered fat by these objective standards.
Is society crueler to men who are short, or to overweight women who are also unattractive due to masculine features?
Who has it worse and why do you think so? What are some reasons you think it may be? Please try to stay on-topic.

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C) a short, fat, and ugly transvestite.

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I realize that this is General and I should focus on answering your question, but I’m too busy trying to figure why I find it so offensive. Perhaps it’s the arbitrary designations of “short”, “fat”, “masculine”, and “ugly”. Maybe it’s that “short” is a fairly neutral physical description, while “fat and ugly” are subjective and mean-spirited. Perhaps it’s the shallowness of physical attributes being used to determine treatment. Maybe it’s just the sweeping generalizations. Perhaps it’s the fetish you have about men’s heights.

So, my answer would be – I don’t know, I can only draw limited conclusions from my own observations in life. And my observation would be that jerks are jerks, no matter who they decide to denigrate.

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I don’t think it’s offensive to acknowledge that society frequently treats people badly because of their appearances. The fact that it does is offensive, but stating an awareness of that isn’t. There’s a big distinction between saying “It’s bad to be this way” and saying “It’s unpleasant to be this way because the unfortunate truth is that some people will treat you worse because of it.” IMO.

I definitely think society would be crueler to option B in your example. I know plenty of men under six feet who do not seem to get any flack for it, though I guess I wouldn’t know for sure what it’s like for them. They still get dates, etc. Fat or ugly women are frequently subjected to ridicule and have a harder time getting dates, from what I’ve seen.

Also I think your methodology for choosing 6’ as the threshold for “short” is flawed. If you’re right that 6’ is the 75th percentile, you call this a C grade, but that’s kind of a weird way to look at it. It means that 75% of men are shorter than 6’. That’s a large majority. I’d say this means that people who are 6’ are tall.

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Fat and ugly women, society has zero tolerance for this category!

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The fat ugly women will get the most heat. Something could be done about their weight, but I don’t agree with the ugly part since beauty is on the inside and to me a woman that is not your type doesn’t mean that she is ugly.

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I’m about a quarter of an inch from being six feet, and people always tell me I’m tall. I’d say most men are around my height, not taller. So if you consider “short” to be less than 6’, definitely the fat, ugly lady.

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According to this chart, you are off by a few inches for the average height of men in the US. Does this change your perception?

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Is this a serious question?

Short vs. Ugly AND Fat….it’s far from a fair comparison. The short dude clearly has it better.

Also, 6’ is tall for men. Average is 5’10”. My husband is 5’9” and has never been called short. He does just fine.

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Defining “short” as at the 75th%tile means most men are being defined as short. And since that is false and most people don’t consider most men as short, the question is going to skew responses against the “fat ugly” women.

But really, the judgment of society collectively is that attractiveness is in the eye of the beholder, not in whether or not they’d get a modeling contract. There are plenty of people who are attracted to zaftig women, and “looks” are much more often based on grooming rather than absolute physical features. And men are not derided for being short, even if only in the bottom 10%.

So the whole question is false, along with the premises it is based on.

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I’ve seen plenty of your questions I feel you are coming from a genuine place and aren’t trying to be offensive.

I think you are speaking in general as it refers to the notions and stereotypes of society am I correct?

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I don’t think it is a fair comparison. For a man being short is a disadvantage but it can be overcome. For example,there have been a good number of successful movie actors who are short. How many fat ugly actresses can you name? Rightly or wrongly, women are judged more by their appearance than men, and you are not even specifying that the man be ugly, just short.

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Definitely it is better to be a short man than an ugly fat woman, that’s obvious. Your height grading scale is peculiar. If an C is 6’ and an A is 6’ 1” then 5’11” would be an F. Also when it comes to hight more isn’t better. Picture a 6’ 8” man trying to get on an airplane. Also I’m 5’ 11½” and no one has ever called me short.

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I have no answer. Then, I believe there is also no question.

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Are we talking about getting laid or getting a job? Those are what we are here for and I am not sure it is all one or another. Some groups are better off depending on job or blowjob.

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Fat ugly women. All the disadvantages of being a woman, but none of the perks. Not to mention, the disadvantages of ugly people and fat people.

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It is complete news to me that any man under six feet tall would be considered short.

That being said, history has shown that any quality considered to be wrong with a woman, her weight her looks, her sexual history, her background, tend to be way more scrutinized, and she is more likely to be ridiculed and/or shunned by both men and women, than any man who is simply short.

I still don’t get how you would come up with any male under six foot as being short. Maybe under 5 foot

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Since there is no such thing as an ugly woman, your question is pure balderdash.

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Wow I had no idea I was supposed to be repulsed by a “short” guy and under 6 ft being short?’’

All the men in my family are between 5’ 5” and 5’ 6”

They all married lovely women, are talented and good natured and rather successful.

I’ll have to tell them they are virtual freaks and belong in a circus.

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Define ugly

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Yes Pleiades. You get what I’m saying. Thank you. I sort of knew some people would get super-defensive on this than try to answer the question straight, which is why I tried to define what the perameters are. To avoid subjective opinion on what is a short man and what is a fat woman. But some users ended up getting defensive and simply disagreeing with the parameters than trying to answer the question, anyway. But I thank the ones who actually did did stay on topic. I am surprised the ones who decided to answer the question chose the woman.
I meant to add an important detail to the description. Women – as in almost any woman – is going to get ten times more attention from men than most men get from women, even if the man is relatively far better looking. This is a scientifically proven fact. Its known as the Bateman Principle. Basically, whatever there are less of in a mutually benefically population, they have the power to choose. Throughout history, there have generally been more men than women, by about an extra 1 or 2%. Thus women have the advantage in choosing a mate over men. Most of the world is like this, thoughbsome lace, like russia, it works in reverse and women outnumber men, giving men the advantage in choosing a mate. But for most countries, There are more men than women, not even taking into account homosexuality.

Also the fact that height can more-or-less never be changed. It is permanent once you’re an adult. It is also entirely out of the person’s control. The woman is in a position to “fix” herself through dieting and cosmetic surgery. Universally almost, women NEVER have any desire to court or date a short man. As I said, the top 10% are “tall” status. And both sexes mock short men relentlessly and, almost equally. Women are less likely to be mean towards an unattractive heavyset woman they don’t know. So it is very much an equal disadvantage, in my opinion. Short men are seen as inferior in society. And while ugly overweight women may be too, there seems to be less of a tolerance to be needlessly cruel to an overweight woman as the majority of people are to short men. What’s the popular term for short men? Ah, yes. “Manlets.”

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@MarvinPowell This is a scientifically proven fact. Its known as the Bateman Principle.
That is not what the Bateman Principle states at all.
“In biology, Bateman’s principle suggests that in most species variability in reproductive success, or “reproductive variance,” is greater in males than in females.”
This has nothing to do with the amount of attention either sex receives.

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Hmmmmm. @MarvinPowell My current SO is 5ft. 4 inches. The two guys that I dated before him were 5 ft. 7 and 5 ft. 5. I’ve also dated several guys who were about 6 ft. What does that say about me? About society?

I think your premise is slightly off, in that you are stating that any man under 6 foot is considered to be short. I don’t think that’s true at all, unless you come from a group of people that are mostly over 6 ft. tall.

Also I’ve seen plenty of bumper stickers that say No Fat Chicks, although I’ve never seen one (not even in our gay neighborhood) that said No Short Dudes

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Kathy Bates, Rosie O’Donnell’ Melissa McCarthy, Queen Latifah, Kirstie Alley’ Gaboruey Sidibe, Monique, Rebel Wilson, Roseanne Barr, Aidy Bryant from Saturday Night Live, AmbervRiley from Glee, Khloe Kardashian, Kirstie Alley, Kathleen Turner, Camereon Manheim, Sally Struthers… those are just the actresses I can think off the top of my head.

Though caling them “unattractive” would be considered “politically incorrect.”

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@MarvinPowell Re. your invocation of Bateman’s Principle, the point is that females will be choosier because reproduction is a huge investment of energy for them, which it is not for males. It is not about numbers of individuals. In the human population, females outnumber males, not the other way around.

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I think I’m going to agree with the idea of being an ugly woman. Women have been long expected to be associated with beauty. There have been many jokes around, in many forms, that target “overweight, masculine unattractive” women.

I don’t think I found any evidence of prejudice against short men though.

But personally, I don’t care for the look. Short men or ugly women, I don’t mind.

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I noticed in America, the men and people in general were much taller than men here. There are hardly any tall men here. I was married to a short guy over there and he had the worst temper of anyone over two years old I have ever encountered. I think being a fat ugly woman would be like dying and going to hell, but that’s just me. Because of the way they are treated.

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What if you are a fat and beautiful woman or a thin and ugly one? Where do you dream this stuff up.

Kathy Bates, Rosie O’Donnell’ Melissa McCarthy, Queen Latifah, Kirstie Alley’ Gaboruey Sidibe, Monique, Rebel Wilson, Roseanne Barr, Aidy Bryant from Saturday Night Live, AmbervRiley from Glee, Khloe Kardashian, Kirstie Alley, Kathleen Turner, Camereon Manheim, Sally Struthers…all have had extremely satisfying careers using their considerable acting chops. I bet if you surveyed them, you would not find that they felt mistreated by society (whoever that is). (Kirstie Alley did seem neurotically possessed about her weight, it is true, but no one ever called her ugly.)

And why do you continue to promulgate the bizarre idea that any man under 6’ fall is short? And this, again,...Universally almost, women NEVER have any desire to court or date a short man… is such a ludicrous statement as to deserve no rebuttal. (See Ken Buns, Dustin Hoffman, Bill Gates, Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Robert de Niro, Teddy Roosevelt, John Adams, Ulysses S. Grant, Daniel Craig… all dismal failures because of their stature.)

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Ryan Seacrest sure gets his fair share of kitty.

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The women in the list of overweight women may be big, but I wouldn’t think of them as ugly. Queen Latifah? Beautiful. Kathleen Turner, Kirstie Alley,Sally Struthers, the Kardashians – probably even if they were not rich would still not have any problem “in society” as you put it. Kathy Bates has played in movies where she was deliberately made to be not glamorous, but when they dress her up and put makeup on her like at award shows, she’s not ugly.

I don’t think of men under 6 feet tall as short. I know many men who are 5’8” or 5’9” and they’re not men I would think of as being short. Maybe 5’6” or less is short, but those men, like any other man or woman, has no trouble in society if he is a nice person.

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Ah yes, gonna have to disagree with that “universal” statement as well. I’m dating a guy who is 5’5” currently.

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It has never been my experience to be turned down by women due to my height when compared to other much taller men, and I’m about an inch shorter than you. I’m not sure where you live where you think you’re being turned down just due to your height alone. I’ve had women pursue me over the much taller guys, and I’m close to your height. I think the media pushes stereotypes, like with the tall, dark and handsome prototype being more attractive to women just like they falsely do with the bigger thingy thing, which happens to be another lie.

A more confident guy with a decent amount of self-esteem will attract more women than a taller guy. Your comparison with the fat, ugly short female is not on the same level as comparing these attributes to the height of a guy though, so women could very well justified to be a bit pissed here.

Some women do prefer taller guys. Some short women (under 5 ft 2 inches) prefer very tall guys (over 6 ft). Some taller women (over 5 ft 8 inches) prefer shorter guys, or guys closer to their height. I don’t even know where to start with your characteristics of women. It appears you keep trying to find new ways to ask the same question though, and you’re obsessed with this height thing.

There’s no way to reasonably answer such a question since there are quite a few variables that could make one of your examples more or less attractive to the other sex/gender over the other example.

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Are you talking to me? It seems this is the only place I’ve ever heard of where height somehow isn’t seen as an important attribute in men, if not the most important thing
(next to the “c” word that ends in “ence”). As some have said, this issue sounds unusual to them. Well, I am saying that the issue being unusual to them is unusual to me. Where I’m from, this is common knowledge. Short men are manlets and I fall into that category. And how do you know how tall I am? If you knew my height, you probably wouldn’t be saying that. Anyway, I’m just 179.5 cm without shoes (5’10” and a half) and 180.5 cm with sneakers on (5’11” and a quarter). That does fall in manlet range. But the post wasn’t about me. It was about which of the two states is worse to be in society.

Also, this is what the rest of the world outside Fluther thinks

Which is why I don’t get why the two comparisons seem so one-sided to some on here.

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^^ Your link to what the rest of the world outside of Fluther thinks is so compelling, clear and data driven that you have convinced me. Can you point me to the web designer of that page? I must have him (but only if he is 6’ or taller or is not a fat and ugly woman.)

We know how tall you are because you keep telling us.

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It is worse to be hung up on this sort of thing, which is no better than judging someone for their race, gender, sex, or preference in ice cream. It is better to be mentally sound and pursuing life on your own terms rather than what one perceives the rest of the world might think. Especially when the rest of the world is represented by a page from pop media trash rags.

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The guy will have a better chance, especially if he has a grip that can choke a T-Rex or a python in his paints. A woman that you describe would have to have a grip like 50 T-Rexes, be terminal and too weak for any physical intimacy to even be on the map unless the man just did 20 in prison and is so desperate he would hit a blow up doll.

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Women are expected to have a certain baseline level of attractiveness. Whatever other things we may accomplish on our own, society also expects us to be hot. Apparently if you aren’t hot it is a personal affront to the people who happen to see you.

When you’re a woman, people comment on your appearance all the time. Strangers harass you in public if you’re hot and they want to fuck you, or if you’re fat and they happen to see you.

Ok, like, check out this picture. I’ve been at all three sizes here. When I was 13 I was a size 8 like the woman on the left, and that’s when the catcalls started. From ages 16–21 I looked like the woman in the middle and it was by far the worst then, with creepy guys following me around in cars and shit like that. Now I’m a size 16 (like the woman on the right) and that stuff still happens sometimes. But it’s comments like, “hey, move it, fatty!” or “stupid fat bitch!” Again, from total strangers.

You can’t let assholes ruin your day. I work hard to be as knowledgeable, confident, and professional as I can, because those are good ends on their own, and because people will have to take me seriously.

@MarvinPowell If you want some personal advice, your posts in this thread are reminding me a lot of Nice Guys. A lot of them believe their niceness is a huge, fatal flaw that is holding them back, and if it weren’t for that one thing, women would be all over them. When really it’s their neediness, insecurity, self-pity, and resentment toward woman.

A lot of people who aren’t successful at dating blame some external factor, like height or appearance or “niceness,” on their lack of success. This is so convenient, because it lets you cast yourself as a martyr in your own personal drama, where the opposite sex is too shallow and stupid to appreciate you for who you really are. You can blame all your problems on others and never do any soul-searching for the real problem (the swirling vortex of emotional problems and festering resentment.)

Stuff like that sends up red flags with every woman in a 50-mile radius. If you really want to overcome your problems, you’ll have to learn to be at peace with yourself first. People want to date someone who is confident and emotionally whole, no matter their height.

And also? 5’10 is freaking tall. I’m 5’2, and honestly, any taller than that wouldn’t even be sensible. Here are a gazillion google results for Peter Dinklage and how many people think he is hot. He has actual literal dwarfism, but he’s an emmy-winning actor in a very complex role, he’s married in real life, and his character gets all kinds of ladies on the tv show.

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You posted the wrong link.

This is what the rest of the world outside Fluther and the majority of society, especially women, thinks.

Anyway, Fluther has come to the conclusion that the overweight masculine woman has it worse than the manlet. I wholeheartedly disagree, but I respect the opinions and data provided.

At least this question didn’t get pulled down for some pointless reason because a random admin didn’t like it.

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@MarvinPowell That Twitter page has 35 followers and you expect us to believe that’s what the rest of the world thinks? Uh, no. 35 followers means that page basically doesn’t even exist.

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@Haleth: I’ve been larger than size 16 for a good part of my life (excluding now) and I’ve never had strangers call me names or say things like “move it, fatty.” I’m 5 foot 9, but the size is the same.

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@jca Maybe you carry it better? I also spent a couple years living and working in the city, and that’s when basically all of the catcalling happened. Both of those happened when I had a late-night job in downtown, and the walk home took me through an area that was drunk frat guy central. UGH.

I don’t even think size 16 is fat! It’s like… average? normal?

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@Haleth: It’s definitely big, but depends on the person’s height. If someone is 5 feet tall, 16 is round. If someone is 5 foot 9, 16 may be a large girl. So it depends. In the photo you linked, the large girl is not someone I would expect to hear fat comments about.

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First of all, the size 16 girl in that picture is not a US size 16. If she’s a UK size 16, that makes her a US size 12. I believe these are UK sizes because the “size 4–8” girl looks like a US 00 (probably underweight) and the “size 12” girl is far from a US 12 – my guess is that she’s more like a US size 4, which would make this photo wildly inaccurate.

A US size 16 is pretty big – the woman wearing that size would most likely be overweight regardless of height. The average woman in the US is 5’4” 165 lbs, which is overweight. I was once around that height and weight when I was 16 and I wore a size 8; if I had the body of a woman, I would’ve probably been a size 10–12. I’m now 5’5” 130 lbs and wear a size 4–6.

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Good points by @livelaughlove21. The third girl was not what I think of when I think of size 16. I think of myself, and that girl looks like a 12.

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“I don’t think of men under 6 feet as short. I know many men who are 5’8” and they’re not men I would think of as short. Maybe 5’6” or less is short.”

I’m 5 foot 9, but the size is the same.

Wait a minute… You’re 5’9”, which is for the most part, the same height as me, aside an inch or two, and a woman I’m assuming, and you then say that you don’t think of men under six feet in society as inferior males or manchildren? That makes no sense, whatsoever. Like, at all! Unless you think there’s no sexual dimorphism in humans and that men are supposed to be the same size as their women. Even young girls, like 13 to 15, are 5’6” to 5’11” nowadays. If it’s not emasculating and humiliating to be a male that is the same size and strength of a woman, then it certainly is to be an inch or two away from a child’s size.

There’s only a handful of countries with tall people in them and the US is not one of them. In fact, the only ones are: Sweden, Norway, Finland, The Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Greece, Germany, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Lithuania, Montenegro, and Poland. Maybe people from these places would understand this post better than the people on here from the tiny countries.

I really don’t get what you’re saying, jca. But then again, I don’t think any women on Fluther understands or comprehends what it’s like to be seen as less of a man or not a man at all if they are the same size and strength of a little girl.

In my opinion, having a major physical social flaw, like weight, is far easier to deal with than a social flaw that can never be changed. Like being an adult child in the eyes of others.

By the way, a size 12 .to 14 (but mostly 12) is the average woman’s dress size. Anything over 14 is considered fat. (Although I most prefer a US size 16.)

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@MarvinPowell: I am sorry that my opinion doesn’t make sense, but it’s an opinion, so it’s not necessarily meant to be logical. A man who is 5 foot 10 is not a man that many people would think of as “short” yet, your description of a man being less than 6 foot is short is your opinion.

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You’re right. It is an opinion. Fair enough. I just don’t get it. This is quite literally the only place where the thoughts of the people go in the other direction on this issue. Outside of here, the general consensus I hear are the same posts from that Twitter collection.

To put in other words: Most people I know consider any male
under six feet ‘manlet’ status. With 6’1” to 6’3” being “perfect” male height.

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@MarvinPowell: Maybe, try to not be so down on yourself and negative about your height. Everybody has good traits and you should try to express more enthusiasm about your positive attributes and less negativity about things you consider to be faults. People react and respond to you the way you feel about yourself.

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It is harder to be a woman, whether fat and ugly or thin and pretty. Our personal, physical rights are constantly under fire, being questioned, and taken away from us. We get paid less to do the same jobs, we are treated as less than competent if we don’t have a husband or SO, and we are constantly harassed simply for being female.

”...I don’t think any women on Fluther understands or comprehends what it’s like to be seen as less of a man or not a man at all if they are the same size and strength of a little girl.” Exactly who are you talking about who is perceived that way? The women of Fluther? Or any man under 6’ in height?

You give absolutely no credit to the humans around you. You’re right in that I don’t understand what it’s like to be a man, “short” or otherwise, but I’ll bet I understand women a lot better than you do. It is not your above average (see the chart I linked above) stature (that you consider “short”) that they react to, it is your negative perception of yourself, and the pissy attitude that goes with it.

Get over it. Your Y chromosome and some little dangly bits of protoplasm give you distinct social advantages.

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@MarvinPowell: If this is the credo you live by, you need to get out more.

From your first link;

6” 2” to 6’ 4” Seriously, this is the perfect maile height. Period. Fresh, new and wet pussy every where you go.

If you expand your network of friends, you will find more enlightened points of view. If you continue to remain stuck on this issue, you will stay miserable.

5“9 is not your height if you were honest about being 5’ 10.5.’

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@MarvinPowell Part of the reason I stayed here on Fluther is that many people on this site thought differently than everyone I knew in real life during my childhood (which was only a few years ago). The people in the places I grew up thought differently, but being here gave me more of a sense of diversity, and I realized that the thoughts of all of the real-life people I knew don’t represent the whole human population.
As far as I know, us Jellies don’t have a mission, we’re just sharing our unique opinions, so I hope you don’t disregard them only because everyone you know in real life thinks otherwise.

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“Manlet”? Now that’s a term I’ve never heard.

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edit; male

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My dear Marvin, your profile states…“I’m a short guy. Single, overweight, not physically attractive to any women on Earth. However, I make up for it with sarcasm and snarkiness.”

Why did you choose the one thing you can’t do anything about to make a big deal of? Seems to me if you gave the “overweight” the same degree of attention you give “short guy” that you could compensate your way out of this dilemma. So you’re a few inches short from your optimum perceived height… Ok, then make up for it and become lean and ripped beyond comparison, far away from the average overweight guy.

While you’re buffing up, in the meantime, trade the “snarkiness” for “empathy” and “sarcasm” for “genuine”. You’d be surprised at how many women find those qualities far more attractive than the lofty hollywood heights.

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Err, and @MarvinPowell, I remember earlier in one of your post you stated that Twitter was some kind of an ass, yet now you use that site as an evidence for “This is what the rest of the world outside Fluther and the majority of society, especially women, thinks”. Not to mention the fact that like @livelaughlove21 said, that page only have 35 follower. What do you think about that?

And the mods never pull a question out just because they don’t like it. There are a lot of “silly” questions here (and “silly” is what most people think) yet they still stay. If a question gets pulled out the asker will always see the reason as the mods always explain.

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@jca @livelaughlove21 I didn’t realize the UK had that size difference, but that makes sense! Yeah, I’m 5’2 and a US size 16.

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@Haleth: I’m 7 inches taller and same clothing size.

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Here’s my husbands answer. He said I had not answered analytically.

“Easy. It’s far, far worse to be a fat and/or ugly woman.

The question and the text did not mention if the guy is good looking or not — the only metric is the man’s height.

Why? A short man with a lot of money can buy a gorgeous trophy wife or a bazillion beautiful girlfriends
And, a short but brilliant man can be successful and attract many potential partners, male or female.

A short guy can be a successful jockey or soccer player. Given time, I could probably think of dozens of other professions that aren’t sports oriented.

But, an ugly woman is out of luck. She would have to have a boat-load of money to attract a guy and keeping the guy, I would imagine, would be incredibly difficult. The embarrassment factor for the guy with the ugly woman would be nearly insurmountable.

Short guys might be ignored, but an ugly woman is subject to constant ridicule.

So, if god said to me: You’re going to be born and you have a choice; do you want to be a short average looking guy or an overweight and masculine unattractive woman? I would pick the short guy option.”

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies That was the perfect answer.

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Thanks DXS. You might have a point. I’ve just never met a woman who would WANT a short guy. But logically, I know you have a point.

You’re obviously a feminist. You’ve lost all credibility to me now. I don’t take women who hate men/are extremely jealous of them seriously. I’ve heard enough of that “men suck, women are oppressed just by being a woman” BS for a lifetime on Quora, which is a hub for men-complaining. I may not see everyone’s point of view the same, like @gailcalled, but at least they don’t pull THAT crap.

While I am focused on that (and can’t afford the $25 a day needed to eat healthier food and boost my super-slow metabolism), your answer doesn’t really say much. Basically “Height isn’t the shallow trait women care about, it’s abs and muscle tone.” I’m aware having a perfect body matters too, but it’s about as possible right now as me being tall. Maybe when I’m wealthier, this would be more possible to achieve with actual results.

I’d choose the woman. Both are going to be equally ridiculed in my opinion, but the inferior man, unless he DOES become that millioniare, has a very good chance of dying alone. The woman will always have desperate men looking at her, even if it’s as a “last resort.” I’ve met LOTS of women who fit that description (not that I seen them as “lesser women;” they were the ones who said they were), but even they have standards. “No men my height or less” was one of them. Being lonely or desperate doesn’t mean accepting ANY man, according to women. Go figure.

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@MarvinPowell: You’ve asked for everyone’s opinion. When people gave their opinion, you shot them all down. They’re opinions.

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