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Have you ever witnessed the running around of a freshly decapitated chicken?

Asked by kritiper (13232points) July 3rd, 2014

Amok, man, amok!

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Yep. Dinner time!

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No. I kept hens for years but only for eggs, never did any of them in. They were my little friends.

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Yes, on “Faces of Death”

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Oh yes, every Thursday our prime minister David Cameron does the “Headless chicken” thing on a program called “question time ”, . poor old bugger never knows if he’s coming or going.

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Can’t say that I have or ever want to.
Snipped cock = Circumcision

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Well crafted Ucme, lol.

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@DAVEJAY100 Course, George Osborne is the biggest cock

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I could hardly even eat chicken when I kept my flock. Once, we were eating baked chicken when all the girls came up on the deck and were peering in the sliding glass door. I felt so guilty. haha My 2 favorite hens were named “Picnic” and “Fajita” though. lol

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Yes.. it was run over be a car… another was shot in the head… they can still move around a bit. they didn’t taste too good, but a meals a meal. I’ve also witnessed a large 3kg Jackfish survive for 3 hours on the trip home…in a car trunk. I should have kept it as a pet seeing I had an empty aquarium. I’ve also seen a half eaten goldfish swimming and eating with the food going out the other end, my stepfather had a piranha.

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@Michael_Huntington That was on there? Ha I don’t remember it. we should have another movie night in the chatroom

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@Symbeline Totally. I still remember its flapping corpse after the decapitation
Agreed. I’ll PM you later

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not “in person” no

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Yup. They would bounce a long ways down the road leading to a field. What really got me was that sound. Their lungs can’t be big enough to make sound nonstop so long. It sounded like some zombie with a kazoo.

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What shocked me the most was these children laughing at the poor headless chicky flop. Don’t watch if this disturbs you.

But what of Mike the headless chicken who lived for two years after loosing his brain pan? Now that’s a raging rooster!

Would anyone like to tell me why these long dead frog legs start dancing after being seasoned with salt? Anyone know?

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When I was a little kid my father bought 100 chicks to raise for food. When they had grown to cooking size, he would grab a hapless hen, hold it down on a piece of wood and sever the head with an ax. One Sunday afternoon, while Dad was preparing more for a dinner date, Dad’s mother, a hard raised Southerner, asked why he did it that way. He shrugged and asked how she would do it. She answered by grabbing another chicken by the head and swinging it violently until the body removed itself from it’s head. It landed some feet away, blood spurting wildly, and it tore up quite a bit of landscape before succumbing to it’s fate.
(I was forever impressed!)

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No. I don’t have any desire to see this either. I think it would put me off eating chicken.

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Yes, several time, when I was young. My family killed chickens in front of my eyes.

I remember crying like a baby and begging them to stop.

Now we don’t kill chickens anymore. But now that I got darker, I think I’m numb when it comes to those things.

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I saw it often in the rural area where I grew up. Hasn’t turned me off from enjoying the food.

I think this is a testament to be fact that we are so removed from jour food sources. It doesn’t seem like that long ago someone could walk into a meat market and y butcher could tell you not only when the particular cut of meat was living and breathing, but on whose farm or ranch.

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@Michael_Huntington and I watched Faces of Death, and so now I remember the flapping chicken, hell it even kind of flies for a few seconds.

They also showed how they butcher cows. From A to Z. That was pretty fucking gross. But the guy who talks during the scenes said that the workers told him, after the ’‘novelty’’ wears off, that it becomes routine just like any other job. And novelty was in the movie’s words, I didn’t chose it.

But I don’t think this is how they slaughter cattle anymore. (slashing the throat)

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@Symbeline I would think that slashing the throat is still a very important part of the slaughter process. The idea is to allow the still beating heart to assist in removing as much blood as possible from the carcass.

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Yeah, the guy also mentioned something like that, and that it needs to be done for a certain type of meat condition. But it looks so…archaic.

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Yes, as a matter of fact I have, when I was a child and it scared me half to death!! Seeing a bloody, headless chicken running about and seeing the head laying on the ground with its beak moving and its eyes open. It was quite gory!

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