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Under age Possession of alcohol?

Asked by Jrwb43 (32points) July 3rd, 2014 from iPhone

I was driving home and I crossed the center line (I wasn’t drunk) the officer pulled me over and saw my box of beer in my backseat, I have a court date in a week. Does anyone have any idea of what I could be facing? The suspense is killing me. I am 20 and live in ohio

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I wasn’t drunk implies that you could have been drinking. If you had any booze in you will probably mean that you are fucked.

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No I hadn’t started drinking yet, I was waiting to get home to drink with my dad.

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Is it your car? Maybe you could say that you didn’t know it was back there.

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Prepare to grab your ankles.

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Hire a lawyer and ask to get a diversion before the date. Don’t consider not doing this.

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Here are the facts:

“It is illegal in Ohio for anyone under 21 to purchase, possess or consume an alcoholic beverage. A conviction of Underage Consumption is a first degree misdemeanor and carries a maximum fine of $1,000.00 and/or up to six months in jail. Despite efforts to lower the drinking age, the law remains rigidly enforced.”

A lawyer will cost you more than the fine but could help you present your case to where you avoid a conviction on your record. Good luck with this.

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If you haven’t been in trouble before then it will probably be a fine and court supervision.

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Be prepared to answer the question of who sold you the beer.

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In my state, I believe it’s possible your license would be revoked for a time.

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It is my first offense, I’m hoping the fine won’t be to ridiculous. I mean my birthday is in 2 months.. I’d rather community service than pay a fine. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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@janbb Make it your last.. and hire that lawyer. I was in your position at age 18. It mattered…...A lot.

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What was your penalty?

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@Jrwb43 You can’t compare your situation to @ARE_you_kidding_me. He had to deal with prohibition at your age ;-p

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@GloPro I may be a couple of years older than you.

@Jrwb43 I hired a lawyer got a diversion and just had to spend a sunday washing police cars.

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