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In the U.S. are men with hairy bodies frowned upon?

Asked by LDRSHIP (1784points) July 3rd, 2014

I was at first not going to specifically say the U.S.,but I feel like having only lived in the U.S. and from what I think it seems the U.S. is more concerned with such things. I could be wrong of course.

Most women my age, or so is my experiences do not like men with much body hair or seem to prefer none at all.


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I am not attracted to hirsute men, but some women are (think Tom Sellick).

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@syz Yep. I’d say I am close to that guy in terms of my level of hirsute.

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The chicks always seemed to love running their fingers
through my hairy areas (especially head, chest and, er, * ahem *).
The women who don’t like this are still okay with me. I enjoy women smooth and/ or furry. Different toppings simply make the delightful treat awaiting all the more delightful.

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If the hair is silky and they smell good I like it.

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The men have it easy compared to the women with hair ANYWHERE other than their head. Frankly, I’m not one bit bothered by hair on a woman’s arms, legs or wherever, and several of them have been confused by my saying so.

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Most women prefer their men hairless? Ew. Not this woman. I’d be absolutely turned off if a guy I was with shaved his armpits, legs, or pubic hair completely off. Men are supposed to have body hair. I’m not attracted to really hairy men, and back hair is certainly not my preference, but there’s nothing wrong with some body hair. I’m not sure I believe that most women look down upon men that don’t shave or wax all of their body hair off.

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I’m doing better for myself since growing a beard, so I think not.
Not that I’m in the US, but the culture is similar.

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It certainly is a trend to go hairless (or was over the last few years). Just as women are expected to be hairless ~(strange since women are not hairless who knew). These days though I see pubic hair on women is back!

A lot of it started with the male work-out crowd. Fit, tanned and hairless.

Personally I don’t need to be flossing my teeth whilst have sex..:)

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@LornaLove If his hair is getting stuck in your teeth during sex, I’m pretty sure you’re doing it wrong.

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My body hair has provided much joy and comfort to the women I have known. Never once experienced a negative comment about my hairiness.

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The trend seems to be hairless, but I think it is ridiculous, and why men gave into that whole thing like we women do is beyond me. I don’t like the whole super muscle look either. Overgrown muscles, tan and that slightly oily, overly testosteroned, workout too much, is not what I am attracted to. I should say if the guy is naturally hairless that is not a turn off for me, but I see no reason to get rid of the hair unless it is very uneven and sporadic, or maybe if the body hair is a very different color than his head. In South Beach there are tons of gay men walking around town who are very big muscle, tan, and when I lived there that is when I first really started noticing that look and I thought, Lord, doesn’t matter if you are a guy, if you want to attract a guy you have to deal with the whole visual thing just like women. I know tons of gay men who aren’t big muscles, but I could not help thinking it. Anyway, I guess it actually is many men are into that look, not just gay men.

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I don’t mind hair as long as the guy’s body doesn’t look like a wall to wall carpet.

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I’m not sure who are the female demographic who prefer the metro-sexual hairless-except-for-top-of-head look.
For some reason the look took off with male models in clothing ads, and people are starting to think it’s normal.

To me it looks like the companion to Barbie, some sort of unfortunate idealization of reality. I don’t like the fully hairless-except-for-top-of-head female look either. Plastic dolls…

That said it does seem to be the case that a LOT of body hair on a guy is usually a turn-off for gals.

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I have a hairy chest, and some women I have dated were very attracted to that.
I think it depends on the person, not the country of origin.

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That seems to be the current fashion.

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I have a buddy that is like a human Wookie. Has more hair on his back than I have on my head. Actually only shaves his neck so there is a demarcation between his body and head. We call him ‘Head and Shoulders’ because he shampoos his head and shoulders. Strange that he didn’t get really furry til he was in his late 20’s.

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I don’t like back hair, Gorilla back, haha.
Moderate body hair is fine but too much body hair is just a personal turn off for me.

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We encouraged him to get his back hair braided when he went on a cruise last winter. He neglected to get it done.

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No. In fact, more women prefer them than not because it’s a sign of masculinity, which is also why it’s not preferred on women.

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I few years ago I was with women in their 60’s talking about it, and they thought a hairless chest on a man was not attractive. Some parts of the world men tend to have more hair than others. My guess is the fairer someone is and still lives in a very hot climate, the more likely they are hairy. At least it makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint, but I don’t know if it is true.

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Not by me. I like men who look like men; that means hair…..........everywhere.

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If men are suppose to have body hair then by the same token women are suppose to have body hair also.

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@Darth_Algar: The trend for women to have less body hair came about when ladies’ underwear and swim suits became more revealing around the groin area, whereas men’s underwear and swimsuits generally are not.

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Right now hairy is kinda out of style. Great for the waxing business.

Who knows, maybe in years to come, pubic hair will be very sexy – now society says its not.

Robin Williams is still funny; hair and all.

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Cool. Not really what I was saying though.

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I like a moderately hairy chest. I do not like back hair or ear hair. Or nose hair. Or furry butt crack or a huge forest around the bits.
I think shaved legs are odd.

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@GloPro My ass is like a forest. lol….Luckily it stops just above the butt of my back in the middle. I’ve hit puberty and all that jazz years ago and still it grows.

I imagine in another 5 years I’ll be an ape.

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@GloPro Everyone has nose hair…

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@livelaughlove21 I mean the long ones that curl around your nostrils like a spider trying to escape.

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@livelaughlove21 Being bi I can say that I have pubes in my mouth, not nice. However, if at 51 you could send me some lessons I’d appreciate it. (Perhaps my mouth was at the wrong end?).

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@MarvinPowell so a woman with hair is not feminine? Gosh, pity she was born with it then? It’s the same old story. Men get indignant when faced with the same tasks women are due to pressure. I say wax the bastards.

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@LornaLove I have no muff diving tips. I was referring to sex with a man – this question is about men.

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Nom nom nom. I’ve never flossed my teeth with pubes, but I’ve had a few tickle my tongue.

To get them caught in your teeth implies you’re using them. No bueno.

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@livelaughlove21 Just strange really that even in this day and age women can’t frown upon hairy bodies, yet men have for years. We are all born with hair. So, on that note, I’ll keep my under arm hairs and nostril hair too. by the way ‘flossing my teeth’ is an idiom used by sexist mails regards female pubes.(You’ve never been with a group of guys ripping off female hairy pussy? Gosh, it’s a trip. Derogatory much?

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@LornaLove No, I haven’t. I’m sure it happens, though. I shave, so I’ve never thought much about it.

I know two women that don’t shave under their arms. Both are self-proclaimed modern-day hippies, though. I couldn’t stand it being there. I have to pile on the deodorant as it is; I can’t imagine what kind of clinical strength men’s deodorant I’d have to use if there was a bunch of hair there. I’ll keep shaving.

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…Okay, maybe I lied. Back when my husband was young and dumb, he gave a girl a razor as a gift because he said he put his hand down there and found a dense forest of fur. I rolled my eyes when he told me – what an ass – but he said she ended up shaving it for him, so she’s the dumb one that’s going to do whatever some dude tells her to do just to please him. Unfortunately, even when the hair was gone there was what he described as a “funny smell,” so they didn’t end up doing anything after all. Now in his mid-20’s and married, he says he doesn’t care how hairy it is. I do, though.

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