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Am I the only one not that much interested in the 4th of July?

Asked by LDRSHIP (1774points) July 3rd, 2014

If I had kids, family or the like I’d be more interested possibly.

But, single and far from home…It seems just an excuse to party. Which most people do every weekend anyways. Meh….

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Meh. Unless you see a good fireworks show I could take it or leave it.

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Before I had kids I still liked seeing the small town parades and going to a BBQ in the park or getting a hot dog from Kiwanis. And then gathering with the town to hear some live music and then watch the fireworks.

And, John Adams, our second President, told us long ago how to celebrate! “I believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be celebrated by pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations from one end of this continent to the other…”

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It doesn’t do a thing for me, but then again I am a Canadian.

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Maybe you’re not the only one. I have no interest either, and to tell the truth, I feel a bit strange about the talk of July 4th here lately.

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@LDRSHIP Oops! Sorry, typo :p

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@LDRSHIP You’re a typo kind of guy huh? Haha :)

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It’s just the day after the 3rd of July for me. I’m not in the US though.

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It’s a Federal holiday so no cops harassing me
when I go out selling my artwork on public lands.

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I hate all of the people setting off fireworks all night. That’s my only opinion.

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I don’t really give a shit about it and I hate fireworks.

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Adams had it wrong. The right way to celebrate the 4th is to exercise your freedom. Write a letter to the editor, join a protest march, sign a petition, attend a meeting of your city council or make a point of going to church. Maybe that would make it more meaningful for you.

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I really dislike holidays in general. Every damn year we “celebrate” the same damn crap. I say we skip em every other year or hell, go three years before celebrating them again.

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I agree with @Darth_Algar and I’m glad that amateur fireworks are illegal in our city.

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Look at the bright side: some of the fuckers are going to blow themselves up with their improperly handled explosives.

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It hasn’t done anything for me since I was a teenager. And yes, I HATE all the amateur fireworks that go off around here. They usually start in June.

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I have no interest in the 4th. It’s just a day off work for me. Both my family and my husband’s family are having cookouts today and we won’t be attending either one. I have no desire to watch fireworks either, but I know I’ll be kept awake tonight listening to them go off outside my windows. It’s an annoyance more than anything.

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I’m turned off by July 4 because of its over-commercialization and the endless chatter about it on the media. Ditto for most other holidays.

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after reading most of these answers all I can say is, “what a shame”.

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Apparently, you’re not the only one, @LDRSHIP.

I like the Fourth. Even dealing with whacked out dogs, I like that the kids get excited, I like painting my nails red, white and blue, I loves me some good potato salad, and I think the fireworks are pretty.

Am I the only one who likes the 4th?

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I too like the Fourth, both for what it symbolizes and the chance to hang out with greater family. The fireworks are major pollutants…during the manufacturing, transportation and detonation. The materials that make those pretty colors are lethal to human lungs and not so good for human ears. There are bad accidents; they scare pets and the bird life in the area.

Enjoy the holiday. Skip the fireworks.

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I like fireworks displays but some here, not overly attached to any holidays these days.
I’ll sit out on the deck here and watch the show from the local fairgrounds about a half mile away. good enough. I have zero desire to fight traffic and be out on the roads. It’s called getting old. lol

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I’m not either. For some reason, I’ve noticed people collectively get more into or less into things per year. Like Halloween, for example. Some years, most people in the country go all out over it. Other years, it’s not a big deal. Another case is the World Cup. This is literally the only time I can ever remember the US giving a damn about it, or soccer in general. The last time it was here, not a single American talked about it. For some reason, this year, everyone is treating July 4th like it’s Christmas or something. My professor canceled class and left two days in advance just for this mostly-uneventful holiday. It’s an important day in history, but as a holiday, all you do is eat BBQ and watch fireworks. Not very important or a reason to leave work two days in advance. Fireworks were always boring and annoyingly loud to me.

As for myself… I’m finding less and less reasons to like or appreciate the US nowadays. Ever since 2008–2009. Canada used to be a light-hearted joke to Americans. Now, it’s a superior country to us in almost every way. Between the corporate BS, the corrupt government, the lack of jobs, the lack of power the US dollar has, lack of education and common sense, and the right-wing religious literalists, I don’t really have much of a reason to be proud of my country, anymore. Much less celebrate it. The best thing I can say about the US is “at least it’s not Syria.”

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@BeenThereSaidThat “after reading most of these answers all I can say is, “what a shame”.”

Why’s that?

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because Heil Amerika

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Everybody I had used to do anything with are either dead or have moved on with their own lives. I don’t have my own family either, so I’ll probably just enjoy this cooler and breezy day with my doors open, taking a break from work lying down on my couch.

Nothing fancy this year for me, and I’ve grilled enough already to the point where I’m sick of it. I don’t feel like dealing with big rowdy crowds and heavy traffic to go into the nearest town to view their fireworks either.

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It doesn’t do much for me and I hate home fireworks. It will start sounding like a war zone here within the next couple of hours and won’t stop until well after midnight. If it ever meant much, at this point it has been cheapened and turned into an excuse to blow shit up.

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I’ve worked on this day for the past few years, so that’s become a yearly 4th-of-July tradition.

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I’m in the spirit after all. Re-watching the wonderful 2008 HBO series “John Adams.” It’s quite stirring.

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No, you’re not. The only holiday I’m remotely interested in is Halloween since I love scary stuff. The 4th does nothing for me. I get nervous waiting to see if some idiot is shooting off fireworks in the complex parking lot, next to all the cars.

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Just came in from the fireworks over here, beautiful evening, perfect temp. and great blow out show from the comfort of the front yard.

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Fireworks were postponed until tonight in my area because of the rain.

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One of my idiot neighbors set off what sounded like an M80.

A few minutes later I went out to my front yard and saw a police unit zooming toward their house. Because of that and the fact that it was an isolated incident, I didn’t call the police.

Today I’m celebrating that such an annoying holiday is over! :-D

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@Brian1946 I will join in this celebration! Make it a new holiday haha.

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