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Are Net Books being phazed out, or down because people are more in favor of Tablets these days?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (13362points) July 3rd, 2014

Is this touch thing really that great, some say it’s the tablet’s size, really when my net book is closed it’s the same size as a tablet, so that doesn’t cut it.
So tell me what is so great about these touch tablets, PLEASE.
What am I missing out on?

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I don’t think so. I’m looking for a new one at the moment and there are plenty around and new ones being released. However, I’d like one that can also be used as a tablet. There are a few that have that function. I don’t want a tablet on its own. For me, that would be a waste of money but if I can have a netbook AND a tablet, that’s useful. A tablet is useful because I can read texts on it and annotate them. I can also use it for presentations – storyboards and PowerPoint and the like. Other than that, I’d rather have a netbook or laptop.

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Tablets are a fad. They will eventually wane in popularity and settle into niche status. I would never own a tablet. Damn things are too fragile. I have a laptop running Ubuntu. Does everything I need it to and everything on it is free, unlike a tablet, that charges you out the ass for everything.

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People are confusing “what I want” with “what most people use”. Netbooks are rare compared to iPads (in the US).

Personally, I don’t want a tablet. I prefer having a keyboard.

But I can’t recall the last time I saw a netbook. I see iPads every day, on the train, at work, and in my friends’ hands.

Netbooks won’t disappearm because they are good for schools, where a low cost computer with a keyboard is best. For most other portable uses, people will use tablets

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I just bought a netbook a few months ago. I like a “real” keyboard, although I understand one can be plugged into a tablet. I don’t know, I like my little netbook.

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@jca I love my Acer net book ,and really want the Mac net book just trying to justify spending a $1000 for one instead of under $300 for one running windows.

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I have a tablet instead of a net book because I prefer the touch screen aspect for the smaller portable device. I don’t, however, produce major documents on my tablet, so that may be the decider for some. I like all the relevant useful apps I can have on my tablet (and yeah, a bunch of the silly, useless ones, as well). It took me a very short time to become comfortable with the touch-screen keyboard, and I now, sometimes, become frustrated by a non touch screen computer.

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Netbooks were a lame idea.

Apple ignored them for a reason.

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Uh Apple does make a net book , thank you.

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Apple is a lame idea.
I ignore it for a reason.

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@SQUEEKY2: I have Acer, too. It is perfect for what I use it for – the internet and email. I don’t write documents on it, I don’t do work on it. I am sure I could, but I use the work computer for that.

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Acer Aspire brand new for $225 a few years back. Does me quite well!

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What Apple product was considered a netbook?

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Using an acer aspire right now. Never had a tablet. Thought it would be cool but I like typing… and i type enough by touch on my phone…. I don’t want to do more and I couldn’t afford both when I bought this one. I thought about the net book tablet blend… detachable keyboard but looking at the prices I absolutely couldn’t afford it now.

Since my work is going to be more sedentary and I hope to go back to college if I was capable of buying anything it would probably be a desk top.. god I miss those…. or at least a laptop with a bigger screen.. but this acer has served me decently in function, i did get an external harddrive and a cd dvd writer as well as a keyboard and mouse for home use… and in portability…. next to my friends carrying a big behemoth of a laptop for travel i can easily tuck into almost any bag.

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