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If the cable company hooked you up accidentally and left the cable turned on would you report this to them?

Asked by Dan_Lyons (5452points) July 4th, 2014

…Or would you just keep the cable and watch TV for free?

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No. They just disconnected mine and it still works. I’m happy. Not as many channels, but my internet works great!

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There are those who might argue that free cable is theft. I’m not one of them!

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I’d probably never notice anyway.

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Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to use that idiom since I was a kid and my mom used it all the time.

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The cable company sent an installer and he installed to the wrong house?

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I rarely watch any television anyways, so I may not even notice. In fact I’m getting ready to have my cable cut off since I had to take a lower-paying job for now, and without decent competition the jerks keep raising their rates every damn year.

I always try to give back something that isn’t mine if I find it, so I’d probably report it to save myself any future trouble, and like I’d stated I rarely watch television anyways.

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@jca :: My sister used to date a cable guy. When he was supposed to do uninstalls he was sleeping on our couch. So if you moved into a place where he was supposed to unhook the cable it was still plugged in.

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I would, because if they end up finding out the cable is still there when it wasn’t supposed to, there are chances that you’ll get charged for its use. Probably not because it’s their fault, but they would try to use the fact that you didn’t report it to their advantage I think. I wouldn’t chance it, anyways.

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Their mistake, and I’d take that to court.

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@Symbeline :: I have had apartments were cable was included. I would just claim that I thought that was the case.

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I am curious, however, in the specific instance asked about by the OP @Dan_Lyons, how this came about.

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@jca I live in condoland. 5 years ago the association decided they wanted the cables run into each unit differently than how they were installed originally.
So the co. came out and did so. They then left all the units on live for a month (I was told) as a teaser. Then, at the end of the month they turned them off and if we wanted live cable we had to call in.

Mine was never turned off.

@Symbeline You wouldn’t chance it, eh. hahaha, in case the cable police raided me?

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@Symbeline How could they prove you watched TV? Just because they left it hooked up doesn’t mean you used it.

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They do have ways to test bandwidth usage. And they do run such tests from time to time. If usage is higher than it ought to be they’ll investigate.

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Christ, did I piss on someone’s pop tarts or what?

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That actually happened to me. I tried to report it for two years! They never sent me a bill even though I gave them my name and the address over and over again. Finally, I gave up. We never paid for it for seven years!!!!

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Absolutely not. A home dweller is not responsible for anything forced upon them by someone else. Getting cable by accident is like getting junk mail. Use it for whatever you want.

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@marinelife That’s exactly what happened here. I even told the manager of the condos and he just laughed and acted as though I were making a grand joke.

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