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How can I get rid of dark elbows?

Asked by babygalll (2753points) July 6th, 2008

How can I get my elbows to look cleaner? My elbows are very smooth, but are darker than the rest of my skin. They have the “dirty” look to them. No matter how much I scrub and use a pumice stone they still look “dirty”, but they aren’t. When I put lotion on they get ever darker. Any advice on how to get cleaner looking elbows?

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The condition is called hyperpigmentation. There are a number of products containing alpha-hydroxy acid to treat it with. If you goodle dark skin elbows, you will find lots of ideas and product options.

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It’s simple. Try an old toothbrush with a little toothpaste on it, not gel. I’ve had dark elbows since I was a child and this works better than anything else I’ve tried.

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I’ve heard about cutting a lemon in half – along the equator and not from pole to pole – and resting your elbows in the halves..perhaps the lightening quality does it. I used to use lemon juice and warm water before cream rinse was invented. The sun then would bring out blond highlights in my hair.

It can’‘t hurt, and you’ll smell nice.

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Yes, that is part of the fluther terms of service. How’s it related?

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Our village idiot is back in another incarnation, I believe. Check his original and entertaining profile and date of joining or rejoining.

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Did not see the profile.

Maybe he should check out the summer reading list so he has something better to do with himself.

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The Brothers Karamazov, for example? Or Dr. Seuss…

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War and Peace, perhaps. Or the entire works of Sir Arhur Conan Doyle.

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(In the original Russian).

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@All Isn’t it something of an assumption that he can read?

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Yuck yuck. Maybe he should just suck lemons. If if cleans darkened elbows, perhaps the mouth also?

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Lemons and toothpaste.

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Nice find! It’s the best of both worlds in one, convenient, product!

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well… if u really dont want darkened elbows why dont’t
you get those shower gloves with elastidemm cream and rub it hard and for a long time.
Hope it works
add me if it does work

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