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Where can I find a site, book, or pdf that covers Algebra I and II?

Asked by SignedUp (12points) July 4th, 2014

I am interested in cramming what I don’t know about algebra from high school. I’m not taking any test now or in the near future. I’m looking for something that is direct to the point, that covers everything. In other words, I want to make up for wasting time in school and get the best out of college for my major.
Thank you.

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Try any high school library (or any library for that matter).

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Check these lectures If they are too elementary, you can search for Algebra II lectures from Salman Khan.

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You could always just buy the textbooks. The high school ones aren’t too expensive. My high school used McDougall Littell.
Algebra I
Algebra II

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When I started undergrad several years ago, I had forgotten most of what I’d learned about algebra, so was in similar circumstances. You probably don’t want to have to wade through a sea of word problems, just be able to read through the topics (so you know what belongs in “Algebra”) and have a reference for formulae that are no longer at your fingertips.

If you google something like “elementary algebra textbook pdf”, you’ll end up with dozens of textbooks that you can freely access or download. Here’s a pretty decent online reference; here’s a pdf textbook (this will download on click), for example.

Just steer clear of anything titled “Linear algebra”. This is a more advanced topic which you will probably not need for at least a little while.

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And avoid the “Abstract Algebra”, too, though I think the title itself is enough of a deterrent.

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Are you in college now? Is it that you don’t want to take algebra classes in order to take other classes you want to?

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