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What is FaceBook?

Asked by pleiades (6576points) July 4th, 2014

For you, what is FaceBook?

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It’s this piece of shit that you post pictures and write crap on for whatever reason.

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An efficient means of long-distance communication.

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It’s a place to share my crappy pictures, and what @Darth_Algar said.

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A place where you think everyone gives a crap about every second of your day.

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A way to keep in touch with people without actually having to talk to anyone.

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A way to keep in touch with far-flung friends and family
A networking opportunity
A trading post (I’m a member of several barter/trade groups)
A way to meet new people
A way to keep track of events and social activities that keeps everyone in the loop (who is going, what we’re doing, who’s allergic to what, where is it, who needs to carpool…)

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Everything to some people, and nothing to others , I am one of the latter I extremely dislike Facebook, but others can’t live without it.

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I would love FB, except my laptop hates it. Everything bogs down fast, and I’m lucky if I get anything posted.
I’ve moved lots I mean LOTS, and I was in the Navy, so it is a place I can look for people I lost touch with.

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- What @Darth_Algar, @AshlynM, @filmfann said.
– A place where you can write crap and eveyone will agree, if “everyone” is in your friendlist.
– A place where you can’t find agreement if your friendlist is so short, no matter how much point you make.
– A place where you can actually buy “popularity”, aka likes.

Side note: I have two Facebook accounts, one is for “general” use and one is exclusively for The Secret Fluther group. All what I’m saying above concerns about the former account.

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It’s just another website. It shoved myspace out of the way and one day another site will become favorite and people will dump facebook like they dumped myspace.

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A place where I say hilarious things, but don’t pay much attention to other than that.

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To me, if not used for the purpose it was originally intended for(keep in touch with far-flung friends and family), it can turn out to be a pretty depressing and awful place where people just show off or use it to inflated their already over-inflated egos.
It can be a depressing place:

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A vicious data mining outfit run by an arsehole, and used exclusively by arseholes.

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A way to communicate with people either by words or by photos. It makes it way easier than emailing people or calling people. I also use FB to receive updates and photos from “liked” locations – stores, fairs, museums, magazines, newspapers, political organizations. These can then be shared with my friends or groups if I want to.

The best thing that FB has done for me is put me in touch with people that, in the pre-email and Facebook days, were lost forever. Friends from when I was little, teachers, babysitters, etc.

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It’s a tool I use to stay in touch with people I don’t get to see very often, and to keep up with weather, news and businesses I have interest in. I’ve also met some new friends there, through friends we have in common; however, FB isn’t really as conducive to meeting new people online the way other sites are, since most people (including me) have their privacy settings on lockdown.

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For me, nonexistent.

For my wife, a way to digitally stalk friends and family while rarely posting anything herself.

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to keep up with weather, news and businesses I have interest in

@hearkat reminded me of what a useful tool Facebook can be (besides keeping up with family and sharing my photography). I can find out what flowers are on sale at the local nursery, when my favorite pizza place will be closed when the owners leave for vacation, when the rained out softball game will be made up, local news, breaking weather updates, scientific breakthroughs announced by Science Alert or other science related pages that I follow and birthday reminders for this mind of mine that is becoming very forgetful as I age. Facebook has become a replacement for the local newspaper that I used to buy. It’s even better than the old newspaper.

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A place where people meet to tell each other every tiny thing that happens in their lives complete with pictures. Most times these are people who don’t have real lives and can’t get their butts off the internet. I’m proud to say I have never joined, no matter how much people have tried to talk me into it.

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