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I drink milk almost exclusively instead of water, is that a problem at all?

Asked by XOIIO (18243points) July 4th, 2014

Something I’ve wondered about, I rarely drink plain old water unless I’m desperately thirsty or it’s the only thing around (like fountains at school, when I was in school). My refreshment of choice on a hot day or just in general is milk.

I’ll usually drink a minimum of two large cups a day, however on a hot sweaty day, I can easy drink four liters of it. It’s pretty hot today, and since I’ve ran out of sprite (lol) I’m on my fourth cup in the past 30 minutes or so since I’m extremely thirsty.

Is there any issue with drinking milk instead of water, aside from the cost?

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Your body really needs water. That much milk could cause weight gain and more congestion if you’re prone to allergies. Some milk is fine but you should try to get in the habit of drinking at least 3 or 4 glasses of water everyday along with your milk and sprite. haha

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You increase your risk of getting kidney stones by not drinking water and loading your kidneys down with all that calcium.

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Well, milk has a lot more calories than water, so weight gain could be a side effect.
Also, as you get older, you could become more lactose intolerant, so increased flatulence could result.

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Milk often contains other biological material, i.e. pus from mastitis, fecal, and blood. The milk is then pasteurized and that process kills most bacteria such as e coli etc. But it does not remove the hormones given to boost a cows milk supply. And come on that is just gross.

Then human digestive systems rarely have the enzymes to digest milk properly once we pass childhood the more exposure increases risk of developing intolerances. Lactose…is a sugar. A sugar in liquid form which is not good for insulin levels if your family has a history of diabetes then use caution.

Then there are studies that state that too much calcium is just as bad for bones as too little. It can cause brittleness and calcification on bones which turn into lumps. Which at worse are embarrassing but can be painful.

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You should drink 8 cups of water every day. It is great for your health and it helps you look good. If you don’t drink water because it hasn’t taste, you can cut a fruit, put it in your bottle and leave it in the fridge with water. This way water will taste better!

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Milk contains high levels of potentially harmful fat and hormones that tap water does not have.

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Hmm, guess I should cut back a bit then lol

Milk is just sooooo gooooood!

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Milk is good and you must continue drinking it. @XOIIO you are right that you should cut back a bit. The best amount in my opinion is two glasses of milk (I like low fat milk). You could also eat a cup of greek yogurt and a slice of cheese in a toast if you need more calcium.

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Milk is something I use very rarely. Doesn’t it upset your stomach? I’m cringing just thinking about drinking four cups on a hot day. I’d be losing my lunch if I were you.

You really should stick to water. The 8 cups a day thing is bogus though. Just drink it when your thirsty.

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There are fat-free, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, free range/grass-fed and organic dairy products available, to eliminate the bulk of those worries. That leaves you with the lactose and calcium issues. If someone in your family has had lactose intolerance or kidney stones, you do need to be more concerned about those issues than if no one has those problems in your biological family history.

I drank tons of milk as a kid, and weaned myself down to lower fat options as I got older. Once hormone-free and antibiotic-free options became available, I started buying those. In fact, I didn’t even know such things were in the dairy supply until I saw the products that specified that they didn’t have them. Two widely available brands are Stoneyfield, which is organic; and Farmland which is antibiotic-free and hormone-free, and they have a process that adds other milk solids into their fat-free ‘Skim-Plus’ product line, which make it taste creamier than other skim products.

Oddly, when I was pregnant, I began craving orange juice and I drank so much of it then and very little milk, except in cereal. I drink much less of both of those now, and will brew tea (hot or iced) most of the time to add some flavor, because I don’t like the taste of water. I drink mostly herbal teas, since caffeine is a diuretic, and only rarely will I add a spoonful of local honey if I’m craving some sweetness. I think our tastes do change as we get older, and our body often tells us what we need. So if you don’t have a family history of issues with dairy or calcium, don’t quit milk altogether – just change over to the healthier versions and try to drink more water and/or other caffeine-free, unsweetened beverages.

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@flip86 I can drink a whole jug when it’s 30 degrees Celsius out.

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Cow’s milk was designed to feel baby calves and decidedly not humans.

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@Dan_Lyons also makes a very valid point. Increased risk of kidney stones.

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@Coloma Are those the pea sized things that make me bleed when I piss?

(lol, jk, that would be messed up XD)

I do love how I am reading this having some chocolate milk though.

Hey, don’t look at me like that, is was just there in the fridge.

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