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What is the role of the soccer captain?

Asked by 2davidc8 (7778points) July 5th, 2014

So, I’ve been watching the World Cup Soccer in Brazil.
I see that every team has a “captain” on the field. He wears an armband, which distinguishes him from the others.
I’m wondering, what is the role of the captain, besides showing up for the coin toss at the beginning of the game? What else does he do that’s important?

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A captain’s role is not that different from the other’s role. I hope this will help!

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The captain is basically taking the role of the coach on the pitch. Rallying his team & reminding them of each individuals purpose, tactics wise, in a specific set up for the match they’re currently playing.
Every match is unique, each opponent offers a different challenge. Individual battles are played out all across the pitch, you’re one on one with your counterpart position on the opposing team & this can be a fluid scenario as a particular match ebbs & flows.
So a captain is there, up close & personal, to ensure the team gels as a unit, a figurehead if you like.

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^ So, like the “field leader”?

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The captain in any team game has the same function – responsibility for strategy and tactics and for the discipline of the team. That must be why, at least in professional cricket, the captain is paid more than the other players.

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@cookieman Yeah, this is why most captains are midfield players as they can influence all the team around him. Goalkeepers as captains, although a few are appointed, are not the best choice, simply because of their remote position from the action at the far end of the pitch.
Being central is far better suited, experience as captain of their club team is also an advantage.

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