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Was this a flu virus?

Asked by tedibear (17548points) July 5th, 2014

Yesterday, around 3:30PM, I started to feel like I do when I’m getting a flu bug. I was a bit achy, tired, a little feverish. As the afternoon and evening progressed, the symptoms got worse. (Fever peaked at 102F and even my hair hurt.) I took ibuprofen around 6:00PM, went to a cooler room in the house from 6:30 to 7:30 and I could feel the fever start to break around 7:30. I sweated for about a half-hour, had a glass of wine at 8:00 and was completely fine by 9:00! There was no intestinal involvement, so I doubt food poisoning. No residual symptoms this morning.

Was it a flu virus? Something else? I couldn’t find anything when I tried Google. I’m grateful for the short duration, but it was strange!

For background, I used to run high fevers at random as a child – 102F to 104F – for no apparent reason. But I don’t remember being achy when that happened. That stopped when I hit about 12 or 13. I remember asking my mom about rheumatic fever, but she claimed that she had me tested. I have no idea if this is true, but I don’t think she would make it up.

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Unlikely (although possible) that a virus could come and go so quickly.

More likely to be something biological passing through. Fuggedaboutit.

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Doubt it. High fever with flu usually lasts at least 4 days, along with being unable to move out of bed.

Is 9:00 last night for you? Or, are you still in that same night? I don’t know what time zone you are in? The ibuprofen might still be working for all I know. Ibuprofen takes about 50 minutes to start working, which explains your fever breaking just over an hour after the meds, and lasts about 6 hours, depending on how much you took.

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You most likely had a virus of some sort, just not an influenza strain. There are lots of different types of viruses, and you may have gotten a weak one or one that you’d been exposed to enough to build up a small defense against it in order to fight it off.

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Whoa a glass of wine after Ibuprofine? You’re putting your living to work that’s for sure!

Also it’s possible you had a mile infection somewhere on your body or in hence the quick response of your body. OR it could have been nauesea you know what I just don’t know either haha

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After the fact, even a doctor would just be taking an educated guess. Your best bet is next time that happens, go to the doctor or ER and get tested.

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Did you cook food in Teflon at high temperatures? That can cause a quick “flu.” The fumes can give you chills and fever and aches. Has to be very hot. Maybe if you cooked in oil for a while frying some food.

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@JLeslie – I live in the Eastern time zone in the U.S. I did cook with oil in Teflon last night, but I felt bad before that.

@pleiades – I doubt the infection as I just finished an antibiotic. Interestingly, I finished it yesterday and those symptoms are listed as a serious side effect. Hmmm, something to tell the doctor about next time I’m in.

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Well, if you felt bad before that it wasn’t the Teflon flu.

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