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I am on F-1 student visa, My DSO has been mentally harrasing me.?

Asked by pam (32points) July 6th, 2008

She never replies to emails,or phone ignorant to the laws that affect us as international students.Many a times, because of this students have suffered a lot.The problem is everyone knows about this but is silent. Who is the right person to talk to, who apppoints DSOs ?

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what is DSO an acryonym for? i have some friends who are international students and they have to deal with some really annoying research professors. but before i can ask them for help, i really need to know what a DSO is exactly.

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DSO stands for Designated School Official. I think your best bet is to speak to another DSO (even if they aren’t your own), and then as a last resort speak to your school. Good luck, and sorry to hear about the predicament. Perhaps PnL could find out something from a friend, if they have any ideas?

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Ah thanks for the clarification both of you. Do you know who the PDSO of your university is? PDSO is the Primary Designated School Official and is also probably the one who appoints DSO’s. I would suggest searching for the name (and if there is) a PDSO in your university and then email him/her about it. Also, not replying to emails/phone calls isn’t considered mental harassment. Of course, it means she isn’t doing her job well. Is there anything else she is doing that would qualify as mental harassment? I haven’t been able to speak to my friend yet since she is off gallivanting in Florida at a relative’s wedding right now.

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Well, Its actually a couple of things that has been aggravating.Yes you are right by saying that she is not doing her job well. For instance
1.)she is issuing I-20’s with the wrong majors printed on it.
2.)Rectifying the errors(above mentioned) for some students and ignoring others(saying its ok not to correct them)
3.)Not being availabe(for as long as 15 days) when you need her advise, or travel signature, or issuing a I-20 for CPT/OPT….resulting in students loose the oppurtunity of obtaining the internships thery deserve
4.)Issuing I-20s so late that the student passes the visa-interview date( I know this one coz I worked in Graduate Admissions dept…)
5.)There was a recent news about the change in some rules regarding OPT…when I insisted her to issue a new I-20 as the old one was expiring she said its not needed…and now when its expired I came to know that I need a new one(through a friend) when I contacted her saying why she said its not needed she said she came to know only a few days ago about the change…..BS….and what should I do NOW that I have my I-20 expired????

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I think its only a DSO that we have…never heard of a PDSO

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Ok, i ended up being able to contact my friend. She says if she was in your position, she would contact the Directer of Office of International Programs. i have to leave for a bit but will come back to this Q later

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