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What is residual schizophrenia?

Asked by talljasperman (21820points) July 5th, 2014

Is it less stigmatizing to be diagnosed it other than normal paranoid schizophrenia? Is it curable or less severe?

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Residual Schizophrenia. This article seems to say that it is a phase of schizophrenia where the symtoms of schizophrenia have lessened somewhat but are still there. That would by extension seem to indicate that it is less severe.

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I had never heard the term before. Most people I think will just be confused by that diagnoses. Don’t be surprised if even some in the medical or psychological field don’‘t even know what it is. I remember when I was diagnosed with my medical problem. Nurses and doctors alike wanted me to explain it to them. And worse they didn’t even listen. They just put it in the same category as what they knew and seemed to think I was the one confused or prevaricating.

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